Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fabric Dyeing/3CS_TOM

The girls over on 3CS have us experimenting with fabric dyes this month.  They always come up with achieveable and interesting projects.  I have done this type of work before, and now I really should make something from some of my pieces to show I actually USE 'stuff'.

All of the pieces I have pictured here are dyed using Procion dyes.  I mostly use white homespun, washed to remove the sizing, then soaked in a Soda Ash solution, prior to adding to the dye bath [fabric damp].

You can see some colour gradation pieces, as well as an assortment of various colours.  I have not taken the time to weigh and record anything I've done, which in some instances is a shame, as several colours I'd love to re-create.


DIAN said...

Linda, how gorgeous those colours are.

Jensters said...

Your dying is wonderful Linda....i must learn to do more dying...might check out what you use x thanks for your comments x

michelle said...

you produced some wonderful colours Linda, i still have never used dyes but i am going to try !