Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catching Up

I am very behind with my New Year wishes, but I will join my fellow Bloggers now in offering everyone my very sincere wish that 2013 will be a wonderful year.  We slept the New Year in this year, as hubby had a long day Monday, driving to pick up goods.  Our #1 son came over after lunch yesterday, hoping to do a spot of fishing.  I thought I'd share our dessert from last night.  The mixture of frozen/fresh/canned fruits on this pavlova and whipped cream was lovely - something I had to put together at short notice.   And now that the 'holidays' are behind us, I think we will settle down to more ordinary meals - enough of this naughty stuff!!

The fishermen had some success, landing these two Golden Perch, which made the perfect breakfast this morning.  What a nice way to start the day, naturally gathered food, home cooked!!!

Moving on from food, I have to share yet another knitting project, still can't get enough of my knitting at the moment.  I am not too sure this photograph shows the colour properly.  It is 100% merino 2 ply, Touch Yarns, and it came from in Victoria.  I found it beautiful to knit, and block.

I think this photograph shows it's colour a little more accurately.  It has so many different shades of red/pink, but the first thing you think of when you see it is ruby red lipstick, Hollywood style - well I do!!

The pattern I've used [Fragile Heart] is available via Ravelry.  These patterns are proving to be my downfall, ie I can't stop at just one.  You can see the information here.  Wearing these in a cowl effect is quite becoming in my opinion.  I've used 4mm, 4.5mm, and 5mm needles to achieve the open patterning.

Hopefully this photograph will give you an indication of the actual size of the shawl.  It was necessary to block it lengthways on a spare double bed, so you can see that it is quite elongated.  I've used #8 triangle beads, cherry lined clear.  In some photos you can't seem them, but they really catch the light as you move around the shawl.  I think I prefer my beaded knits to be like this, ie beading there, but not overpowering the piece.  I am also totally in love with the picot bind off.  If you have the urge to try some lace knitting, but are not confident of your ability, I can assure you all the patterns in this range are easy to follow - lots of glamour with a minimum of fuss.

Thank you to all for your support of my blog.  I am trying to post a little more regularly, so please bear with me in 2013.  We have had a small but useful fall of rain, but I think the weather this week will be quite hot.