Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Classic Navy

I can't help it...........I'm still knitting, and thought I'd share one of the recently completed shawls I've been doing.  This lovely lace shawl is made using a pattern I purchased via Ravelry.  Hope you can see it here.  I love all the designs by this lady, Bev or Boo Knits.

I hope this photograph will show the lace design detail.   The pattern offers several size choices, by simply adding more 'solid' or more 'lace', such a great idea.  I've just finished working on another one in a different colour, and with beads.

I purchased this wool last year from this store:- when there was a little sale happening.  It is Heirloom Baby Pure Wool in 4 ply, and lovely to knit.  I used 6 x 25 gram balls, plus a bit on the 7th.  The picot cast off takes a surprising amount of yarn!!!

Despite being a knitter for many years, I've come to realize there is so very much I do not know.  This pattern introduced me to a few different things, and of course, the chat on Ravelry, with links to tutorials, etc., is so enlightening.  I have to admit to not paying much attention to blocking in the past, but I now have a new found respect for same!!  This is how the shawl looked just after it had been soaked in warm water, wrapped in a towel, stood on, then stretched and pinned within an inch of it's life!!!  I'm sorry, but there is no other way I can describe 'blocking'..................LOL

And just another photograph - a close-up.  Of course, I didn't get very adventurous with colour.  I can't resist good old classic navy.

If you are looking for something like this, I can really recommend any of the patterns in the Boo Knits range.  They are all delicate, yet the instructions are extremely easy to understand - both written and charted.

Now I'm off to 'block' the second version of this pattern.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Niebling Knitting

I have been knitting.  I know, I've told you, but now I'm going to share this lace table mat with you.  I finally found out that this design has a name, although it wasn't stated in the ANNA magazine that features the pattern.  My very learned sources on Ravelry gave me the good oil, and this design is called Quadratische Decke, by none other than the famous Herbert Niebling.  I've even found that he had a wife whose name was Linda.  And, after a bit more Ravelry chit chat, it seems Linda was also a designer of knitting and crochet.  

For those of you who are interested, this table mat was done using #60 Coats Mercer cotton in Ecru, and was knitted using 1.5mm needles.  It began life with only eight stitches, but by the time I got to the leaf/petal part on the outer border, each row had in excess of 1100 stitches, with the patterning rows taking almost four hours to complete.  Even knitting the intermediate or plain knit rows took ages!!

This close up shot will show you the leaf/petal design in the corners.  It feels so lovely to pick up, so light and airy.  I only used about 50 grams of thread.

I'll finish with another photograph of the whole mat, showing the tape measure so you can see it's size.  For some reason this shot has a slightly more yellow tinge to it, perhaps a reflection from the tape, who knows.  I am up for some more Niebling knitting, but will do a few ladies' shawls to give my eyes a rest from the fine thread.