Saturday, July 3, 2010

Using the Stash

Thank you all for commenting so favourably on my last few posts.  I think I'm addicted to weaving!!!  Yesterday I decided to try 'straight' weaving and use some of the many things I have in my stash.  You may recall  the post where I showed the slightly altered rose photos.  I printed the orange rose onto some Inkjet Printable Silk, the image not filling the whole A4 page, but almost.  Of course, it wasn't as vibrant as I wanted, so I fused it to a piece of my orange hand-dyed fabric which did intensify the colour.  I trimmed the edges to the photo, and also cut the same sized piece from a lovely little snippet sent to me by Dian [Beach Textiles]   Each of the pieces were then cut into half inch strips ready for weaving.  

After stitching, foiling and trimming I am happy with this little address book cover.  The stitching is done with an elongated serpentine machine stitch, the foiling is a bronze, and surprise, surprise, I had just the bead I needed, some copper wire for coiling, and a few more round orange beads to add to the end of my coils, not to mention some distorted orange crystal organza that needed a home................   Now, all of this has been done by one who not long ago confessed to 'not really liking orange'.  Yeah right!!! 
I hope these close-ups will show the beading, and curly wire treatment, as well as the inside of the cover showing in part, the lovely pattern on the fabric that Dian sent me.  It was only a small piece, but I'm thrilled with how it has given this altered photo a more pixellated look.

Tracey asked where I'd seen the wavy weaving technique.  I was introduced to it by one of my patchwork group friends at our sewing day.  To do the wavy weaving, you need both pieces to be an identical square.  I must Google it and see what other pretty ideas I can find. 


Iceni UK said...

Linda, wow, how beautiful. The colours remind me of a sunset.
The foiling has taken the weaving to another level by adding a richness and vibrancy.

I look forward each day to seeing the next surprise you have to show us. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm not normally into orange but I love the look that you have achieved. It would have to be the prettiest shades of orange I have seen in a long time and looks like sari silk.

Tracey said...

Wow Linda, this is stunning, like Katherine I'm not normally an orange person, but just love this! I have googled wavy weaving and have found a tutorial, now to have a go at it. Thanks for shedding light on a new to me technique

Robin Mac said...

I agree with the others, I am not normally an orange person either, but your cover just glows. I love it, yor bead is lovely too. Cheers, Robin

Jensters said...

Ive been into orange for awhile now Linda so i really love this....i need to know more about this weaving and how to do it!!
Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog....but i have to confess to not ever finishing most things and this is one of them :'( xx

michelle said...

I am the same Linda not really been an orange person, but i seem to be drawn to it and this little beauty is definately a favourite. It is simply gorgeous and i love how you embellished it !

DIAN said...

ok, this is funny, I was sure I left a comment a day or so ago. Never mind.
I love this and the gorgeous way you use colour.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Linda, and I like the black and white wavy weaving as well. I would never have thought to weave fabric, but the result is very effective.