Friday, May 21, 2010

UFO Fever

Just lately I've dragged out a few projects in the hope of resurrecting my enthusiasm for them. I did want to do them in the first place I suppose, so why are they not finished???

I've noticed several other ladies who seem to be in the same frame of mind.

I will just share these two pieces with readers. The applique was supposed to be a cushion, but I am leaning now towards making it into a wall hanging, as I feel it might suit my sister's decor in one room. It is one of the few 'kit' things I've ever purchased, and a design by one of our well known applique and fabric dyeing specialists here in Queensland [].

The other piece I started as an experiment in texture more than anything. I began with a simple rectangle of delustred satin, following with chain stitches [varied stitches and threads], in wavy lines. Again, I originally planned a three-fold envelope type purse, but taking it out now and looking with 'new' eyes, I'm wondering if I shouldn't make a little 'dorothy' type bag with it. I have lots of lovely gold cording for the 'drawstring', and only need to place a few more beads in the selected areas. I would welcome any thoughts on this matter, as the jury is not out on this one yet!!!!


Iceni UK said...

Hi Linda
I love the colours of your tulip embroidery, so pretty and soft looking. I agree with you, it would look wonderful as a wall hanging or mounted into a frame, may be a box frame to give it depth?

Gold cord would add a richness to your Dorothy Bag, Is it lined? I was just thinking a gold silk lining would also add richness to it.

Linda, both pieces of work are lovely and I like the way you are rethinking how to use UFO's.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish these two pieces of work.

It's a very hot day already here in England. I'm going for a walk along the beach later this morning.
Hugs to you.

Jensters said...

Hey Linda you have managed to change your i wont get confused just the same have stuff that needs finishing but more cross stitch! I think the applique would look nice as a wallhanging i still like the idea of a purse but im sure a bag would be just as nice....Hugs Jennie x

DIAN said...

Hi Linda, good to finish off some of those ufos.
I look forward to seeing what you create with these. I think a little bag would be sweet.

Radka said...

Hi Linda, can't help you with the bag, I am not into bags much. I love your applique, I think it would still make a lovely cushion, but a hanging will be nice too.
By the way, Luzine's book arrived today, I love it allready! It is so well laid out and clear. Thank you for pointing me in her direction!

Linda said...

Thank you everyone for such positive and helpful comments. Iceni, I do think a gold lining might look rather rich, and have not long purchased a rather old gold/slightly metallic fabric that I like. Perhaps an 'audition' is the order of the day later!!!
Yes, Jensters, I just decided to start commenting via this account........LOL.....
Radka, so pleased the book is proving to your liking. I found it very clear, with many steps photographed up close and personal, just what we need when trying to 'teach ourselves'.
Dian, it's been your enthusiasm for 'your' UFO's that got me looking again at some I have stored away, thank you so much. As a fellow embroiderer, I know you realize how different we see things when they are re-visited after a lull.
Thanks for all the encouragement ladies.

Anonymous said...

Its always interesting to pull out UFO's. I've about 3 embroidery works in progress and one UFO from a few years ago that just needs that little bit more done to it before finishing and framing. Can't rush these things though and over the last 12 months I did manage to finish a few silk prints etc in between working on new things. I like your thinking on your projects and it is a wonderful feeling when you can look at the finished product and tick another off the list.