Saturday, May 1, 2010


Now, how difficult could it be to find a stitch or technique beginning with the letter J?? I can tell you, it's not that easy. I searched the Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Stitches and came up with some possiblities, but had to keep in mind that I have June and July yet............

I decided to go with a counted thread stitch called Japanese Darning. It's a relatively simple stitch, but I preferred not to have it going straight up/down/across, so tacked my template out onto the beige evenweave on a 45° angle, and now I'm so pleased I did. After the stitching was complete, I searched my stash for something suitable as a lining fabric, and found this simple Japanese inspired print. I am extremely happy with this small needlebook.

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Radka said...

This is very interesting, I have never come accross this stitch before, well done!