Saturday, May 15, 2010


The weather in Queensland is glorious at this time of the year, albeit a tad on the dry side for us. We have been given some hope for rain in the next day or so, here's hoping.

This week I managed to get a reasonable photograph of one of the three Kookaburras that seem to have taken to living around the houses and sheds. We don't see them a lot, as they tend to keep to the more heavily timbered areas of the property. I am always pleased to see a new bird 'move in'.

I was also fortunate to get this great shot of a bee having fun on one of the tea trees growing in the garden.


DIAN said...

what lovely pics, the bees are always a good sign and the kookaburras have such an Australian voice. Have you thought of printing this one and stitching over it?

Radka said...

This is what a tea tree looks like! Lovely pictures, Linda.

Linda said...

Radka, I fear I may have given you the wrong 'common name' for this shrub. I think technically speaking a tea tree is Leptopspermum. This shrub is a Melaleuca, sometimes referred to as paper bark. I sometimes call it a tea tree, but I think I'm incorrect in saying that. If you google Leptopspermum, you should find a picture of the flower, which incidentally, is quite different from this one.

Radka said...

Well, that explains it! I had a tea tree bush in a pot in my garden, sadly it did not survive our conditions, but it did not look like your picture! But I thought, what do I know! LOL