Saturday, May 22, 2010

Out & About

This morning on rising, we were greeted with one of the thickest fogs I've seen for a long time.  It took hours to disperse, after which I thought I'd look for something interesting to 'snap'.  Many of the webs were high in the trees, but I managed a shot of this one.  The second photo shows the droplets of moisture clinging to the web.

I could hear 'the boss' working at the shed, so thought I might see some interesting 'shapes' to photograph in readiness for some Photoshoping in the future.  There are many interesting bits and pieces in and around the workplace.  I was fortunate to find him welding, and this shot didn't look too bad.

I hope readers will enjoy these few old things that took my eye.  I'd love to do some fabric 'rusting', but haven't quite worked out what to do yet, nor done any real research on the subject.

Now, hopefully this post will look the way I hope it does, and thanks to a fellow blogger for her patience and explanations on 'how-to get it right' [we hope].  At the moment we are enjoying a glorious autumn day, although we really would like some rain.


Jensters said...

Your photos are great Linda and i so love fog....just something about it mysterious and victorian times in London! anyhow you got a good close up of the spider, fabric rusting sounds interesting too!
would you be able to tell me how to do my photos and text like that pl?
Thank you for noticing my underpainting but it didnt come out as good as i wanted and i did cheat as i did it oh maybe it was because i used acyric's xx
We are having some wonderful warm days here at the moment so thats great for the uk he-he xx

DIAN said...

Hi Linda, just love the pics. We have lots of fogs here being near the sea. The rusty bits are great as is the welding shot. I tried to comment earlier but as I was on my daughter's computer it didn't want to know me. Anyway here I am, watching spongebob with the two younger grand boys and the fire is going.


Linda, I really enjoy seeing pic. of your part of the world, very interesting, keep them coming. Doreen

Radka said...

The webs have come out really well, Linda.
I like old rusty stuff, there is something timeless about it.