Saturday, May 1, 2010


By the time March had started I was becoming a little more aware of the enormity of this challenge. I really felt I would like to do some canvas stitching, as it had been quite a long time since I'd done any type of this at all.

I chose what is known as Milanese Stitch, again from my Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Stitches book. It's a simple offset arrowhead stitch that looks a little like tweed if it's done in two colours. I chose these colours simply because I had quite a bit of the DMC #5 Perlรฉ required, and as this was turning out to be a long term project, I hoped to use some of what I already had.

I am endeavouring to keep making the needlebooks/cases in slightly different designs, so as not to get bogged down with just the book format. This one is a three-fold design, with a silky cream cord stitched to the outer edge, and again used for the closing ties.

Again, I'm really thrilled with this, but it took much more time than I first thought, and I will think long and hard before embarking on canvaswork again this year.........


Jensters said...

I have a really old Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Stitches book' Lind and it cost me quite alot of money l love the little sketches she has in sure im talking about the same person...might have to check this needlebook is so wonderful x

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous Linda. I too have a copy of Mary Thomas although it is not a very old one.