Monday, March 28, 2011

Not my comfort zone!!!!!!!!!

Okay, everyone, doing this was way out of my comfort zone I can tell you.  Just recently I felt like dyeing some thread, and thought perhaps I should do it with a purpose in mind.  The above hardanger bookmark is the result of my play.  I secretly have an aversion to coloured hardanger, and I really don't know why, as I like it when it's done.........go figure!! 

I also wanted to know how much thread this might use.  I measured four lots of 10 metres in perlé #8 and #12.  I thought it prudent to make something small, so it could be finished, and I could return to the big blue project.  I dyed a little Lugana as well, simply rolling it into a ball and squirting the two colours into it, then wrapped it in cling wrap for a few hours.  The Lugana I used is the piece behind the bookmark in the top photograph [I think it's a 25-ct, and yes it's cream].  Well, I can tell you I only used one length of #8, and one, plus a little of the #12, so I have some of this 'batch' left over.  More about that later.

I'd love to be able to tell you my inspiration was some exotic flower from a far away land, but alas, I can't.  I've taken this photograph, showing you the variety of colours I'm seeing in a paddock close to the houseyard.  This is a pasture grass called 'buffel grass', which makes great cattle fodder, not so with horses though.  As the seedheads mature, they take on a lovely maroon to purple colour.  The two colours I used were a purchased purple Procion dye, and my own mixture of Procion yellow and blue.  In real life the green leans very much to the yellow, and I also achieved a lovely warm brown where the two colours blended. 

Again, I have to stress that this is a first for me.  I quite like it now that it's finished, and I have to say the overdyed threads look really lovely.

I am making two more little things shortly to try something new, and with this bookmark/thread, these will form a give-away that I must do.  Some time ago I participated in a 'pay it forward' on Jennie's blog - [].  It will take a little longer yet, but I will pass on the favour.   I will try not to be so tardy in future!!!

Thanks again for the response to the wedding dress.  I love simplicity in most things.  Life gets complicated enough!! 


Radka said...

Not your comfort zone? You could have fooled me! What a great result, well done :))I love it!
I think I know what you mean about coloured hardanger, the traditional white is so beautiful, but if the colours are right, it can be just as beautiful and you have done it! The colours have come out so well.
I also love the picture from a paddock, it is so nice to see where you live :)

Karyn said...

I have only done white on white hardanger but I do want to try something coloured. A bookmark is a good idea to try it out on. i must remember that one.
Your coloured hardanger looks really good.
I did like the wedding dress. i know I have seen it before but it still is strikingly beautiful. Simplicity is the key i think.

Jensters said...

Like Radka you could have fooled me to know what you mean about variegated threads they somehow make the hardanger nicer....well for me anyway xx

Robin Mac said...

I like the hardanger bookmark Linda, sometimes I think it is good to be taken out of our comfort zone - that way you may even find a new one! Buffel grass has fond memories for me of my sister's property near Charleville - and our children (young at the time) being paid to collect the seed. They didn't realise how much they would have to collect for it to weigh anything!!! Cheers.

shirley said...

Linda, the colours came out so well, and you could not have done better than find inspiration from the colours around your home. Regarding coloured hardanger I think people are turned off by some of the colours people once used, but these days with the variegated threads they can be quite beautiful, and yours is not exception to that.

Congratulations on the colours you achieved with your dyes.

Iceni UK said...

Linda, I love the bookmark colour, it perfectly reflects the field colours, quite beautiful as natures colours always are.
Now you have broken your own rules and have worked outside of your comfort zone...I wonder what exciting things can we expect to see in your future hardanger journey?:)

PS, the thread colours remind me of clover, violets and heather, the leaves have hints of yellow within them too. Lovely peaceful colours
Hugs for you.

Kerrie said...

Hi Linda - Just love it - go out of your comfort zone if you produce items like this - well done !

shirley said...

congratulations Linda you have won a stylish blogger award from shirley. For details go to

Anonymous said...

I love the fabric and thread you dyed. It has made up into a great bookmark. I'm the same though as I love white on white