Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Blogging Surprise

Well, ladies, I have to mention this.  I am extremely humbled to have received this virtual blogger award from my friend Radka http://pleasureinstitching.blogspot.com/

I have never heard of this before, and hope I do the correct thing passing on such an award.  Thank you Radka for all the support you've shown me since our first tentative notes of friendship way back when..........  A number of blogs you've listed are ones I visit as well, so I won't add them again, those bloggers will understand.  I will list seven blogs I visit regularly, but as Radka has mentioned on her blog, listing only seven is a very difficult task, as we tend to take a look at lots of blogs each week, and love to keep up with the happenings out there.  It is almost a year since I began this blog, and every day I visit I am gobsmacked at the interest shown in the little things that I like to write about.  I know I keep saying thank you, but I'll do it again here. 

Okay, these blogs are ones I enjoy for various reasons, some because of their simplicity, and others for the opposite reason.  All offer something that I find interesting, and I hope by continuing this, many others will visit and share the experiences of these lovely ladies who are prepared to share their thoughts. 

In no order of course:-

Dian at http://dians-beachtextiles.blogspot.com/

Robin at http://tropicalrobin.blogspot.com/

Katherine at http://katherinescreations.blogspot.com/

Ruth at http://ruthsfiberphotos.blogspot.com/

Karyn at http://countrycrafting.blogspot.com/

Judy at http://cjstitchingandblooms.blogspot.com/

Vicki at http://vickiwelsh.typepad.com/

Some of these are well established blogs with many followers, others quite new to blogging.  Blogging has certainly increased my knowledge of how to work with computers and the Internet in general, and has given me so much more courage dealing with such things.

And now on a completely different note, I'll finish this post with a photograph I took the other day, and will include it here for fun, and because there are seven little raindrops sitting quietly on this geranium stem, just minding their own business.  Oh, and I must not close this post without mentioning that at last ENZO is seeing red................  one little digital cable from monitor to computer made all the difference.  Technology - don't you just love it!!


Anonymous said...

Glorious photo and thanks for the blog award too.

Karyn said...

Aww thanks for mentioning my blog. I am off to go and look at the others you have listed. I could spend endless hours looking at blogs.
I love the photo; you have great close-up photos.

DIAN said...

Linda, thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog.

This blogging life has opened up all sorts of doors and experiences for me. Most of all it has brought some very special people into my life.

Radka said...

Oh dear, Linda, that was enough to make me cry:)) I am so pleased that you included two or three blogs I could not due to limited numbers, I will explore the others.
What a great picture, I love it!
Oh, and I am pleased Enzo is sorted, so you can view all those lovely blogs in their proper colour:)

fabriquefantastique said...

Well, I dunno, Linda. Sometimes I want to put my fist through the screen!

Anonymous said...

Well done Linda. Laurel

shirley said...

Congratulations Linda. Just love the Hardanger, and the great photo of the raindrops. You wont know yourself now you have Enzo and he is sorted.

Your blog is great.

Kerrie said...

Congratulations - well done Linda !