Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun with Fotos [again]

No, I am never going to get sick of playing with photographs.  I've not long found a free kaleidoscope download, so thought I would have a play.  I am amazed at what happens on the monitor, and thought some of the results worth sharing.  The above photo is a very close-up shot of inside one of my white roses.  I did enhance it a little, but in order to not overdo the upload, I have reduced the file a lot. 

This is one of the images that resulted from fiddling with the above photograph.  I didn't realize there were so many colours in there!!  It reminds me of something exotic.

The next image I used was a partly dead rose, and again an extreme close-up.  Sometimes these photographs don't look anything until you have them up on the monitor.

Both of these I find the most striking.  The one on the left, well, I'd love a skirt made from this if it were fabric, something swingy.
You have all sorts of options, not just kaleidoscopes.  There are 'mirrors', and 'funnels', as well as 'surfaces', ie mound, orb, etc.  This one would suit me just fine as a desktop image, but I'm not sure it would be given the stamp of approval here.........

I'm not quite done yet, so bear with me.  I used this red rosebud for a little bit more colour.  The last two images made me feel like Christmas, and I felt both of these might make ideal wrapping paper for the festive season. 

This one is really quite Christmasy in my opinion.

And now to show you that I can leave well enough alone, I'll insert a final photograph.  This is a tiny wildflower/weed.  I have only enhanced it a little, and will share it as is, as it looks so pretty.

I hope readers enjoy seeing the exciting prospects awaiting if you find the time to play.  The one thing I found about doing this was how it made me feel, ie as the colours moved and swirled around on the monitor, I have to tell you, it made me a little queasy.  I don't think it's a job for anyone who finds colour movement a little offputting, so be warned!!

Thanks for bearing with me.  I am not sure Blogger is in a good mood this afternoon, as I am having difficulty adding the images as I'd like them, and the spacings are out of whack.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos and I love the kaleidoscope effect

Kerrie said...

very nice Linda - you certainly are having fun with your new toy - what did we do before computers - I think its great you are experimenting and learning about this - just envious that I don't have time to play.

Jensters said...

Wow Linda these are lovely and im glad your enjoying sending you a link by email so watch out xx

DIAN said...

Linda, I love these pics. The kaleidoscope effects are great but I really love the the very close ups of the flowers. Funny but I was going to take pics of my roses today because they are well past their best and then I was distracted.

Iceni UK said...

Such great images Linda.

Imagine these printed on to the A4 size silk printer friendly sheets or even cotton ones that are now available, oh wow, they would bring stitching/embroidery imagination alive.

I love the rose design, especially the dying rose. Thank you for taking us into another world of colour and designs.
Will email you tonight.

Vicki W said...

What fun! If I started to do that I'd be gone for DAYS!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, you alter images are so very pretty. All of them are very unique and I also like the roses best. Now if I could just find the time. VBG Hugs Judy

shirley said...

Linda I just love what you have done with the roses and the kaleidoscope programme.The xmas ones are so nice. I would also like a swingy skirt from that one.
I wish that programme worked with linux.

This is so addictive isn't it. Computers have really changed our lives.

Radka said...

Amazing, Linda! Your pictures of flowers are just so beautiful :))

Roseann said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Linda. I have been out of the country till yesterday and just got back to reading your blog. Hope you had a pleasant day. Roseann