Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Generous Gifts

Firstly, I must apologize for my absence from blogging.  The heat has been awful here lately, and I don't use the office much when the mercury is being nasty, plus I have had to do some stitching, and took advantage of a chair under an airconditioner duct [no flies on me!!].

Secondly, I must sincerely thank people for their lovely comments regarding my last post.  I am so pleased my little boxes were a hit with readers.  They are certainly some of my favourite pieces.

Now, to the subject of today's post.  Recently I was fortunate to have been chosen the winner of a give-away on Frances Leate's blog  -

To say this give-away is generous is an understatement.  I have photographed [above] the fabrics included in the package, ie eight fat quarters, all in these glorious colours.  The contents were carefully wrapped in one of the quarters, and tied with a lovely cream satin ribbon, but I neglected to take the shot prior to opening said prize!!

But wait, there's more!!!  Also included were several patterns, a new rotary cutting wheel [which I really needed], and a sweet little folding mirror to slip into one's purse - all will be put to good use in time.

I find that in every package I receive there is always one highlight.  I know this seems silly, but in the parcel I received from Frances the highlight for me was the beautiful card that she included.   I just have to share it with everyone.  Oh, to live in times where clothing was so glamorous!!!  The simple colour pallette used in this card exudes class in my opinion, and I shall enjoy it for a long time to come.  I am sorry the camera flash has spotted the photograph.  

Thank you Frances, I am overwhelmed by your generosity.

And now to another gift I received not long ago.  I recently participated in a bit of fun on Jenster's blog -
Jennie very kindly sent me these little handbag must have's - a little notebook with hand embroidered cover [somewhere to record the stitching 'needs'], and a little 'named' pouch.  This little pouch holds a lovely carry bag, at the ready for those stitching purchases.  I have to say I think it may belong to another Linda, as I would put the description of the one who lives here as 'easily distracted'...............  Thank you so much Jennie for these.  I will continue the 'pay it forward' fun soon.  I am busy with a stitching job at the moment, and need to sort out something suitable for that type of give-away.  I hope when I post it, people will consider being part of the fun.

Thank you all again for taking an interest in my posts.  I do appreciate the time people put into reading blogs and commenting.  We all have so much to learn from one another, and I for one, enjoy the experience. 


embracingitall said...

Lovely giveaway you received. I'm sure you will have fun making something from it. Glad to hear there is some warm weather somewhere. although it sounds like it might be a little too hot up your way. The weather here has been terrible, it's almost depressing! It was 9 degrees here today and didn't warm up much from there I'm afraid. Certainly feels like autumn here in the hills. Oh well, at least the autumn colours will be showing themselves here soon. Autumn in the hills is my favourite time of year for that reason. So I suppose that is the positive. Happy stitching. I always love to pop in here and see what you have been creating. Jacinta

Karyn said...

What a fantastic gift to receive in the mail. It must have been fun opening all of it.
I think your name is more apt than mine which means "pure"and anyone that knows me knows that that is very far from the truth LOL!!!

Radka said...

What a great give-away by Frances!!! I am sure you will put it all to a good use:))

michelle said...

Fantastic gifts Linda lucky girl !! wonder what you will create ! I absolutely love your boxes they are fabulous ! It looks so hard to do.
I wish i had some of your heat it's soooo cold here well was today and the wind chill brrrr, thinking of driving down to Florida net week to hit the sunshine !
I really appreciate you popping in on me makes my day

take care

DIAN said...

Oh Linda, what a treat to receive in the mail. I am sure you will put all those treasures to good use. We can never have too much of these goodies.