Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunset Sunday

On my sidebar you will see a blog related to photography [Finding Another View].  The blog owner, Scott Law shares some of the most amazing images.  Please take the time to go to his blog occasionally and enjoy his work - 

Each week he posts a photo related to sunsets [or sunrises].  I've been trying to organize myself to do a 'Sunset Sunday' for some time, so today I'll share this one with you.  This is not the most amazing shot by anyone's standards - goodness, I didn't even take the time to see that the grain bins were left out of the frame!!  My main purpose for using this shot was to try some photo alteration again.  I will share the same image, cropped and altered using two different free programs I have.  One is IrfanView, and the other is GIMP. 

I have used IrfanView here to simple solarize the image, then I cropped it a tad [to remove those offending grain bins!!].  I love the pinks and greens that resulted from the alteration.  I think it needs cropping again, as those two trees on either side are annoying me a little.

This one has been altered a little more using GIMP.  I sharpened the image, did an oilify, and then cropped it again.  Nothing drastic, but then, that's really not what I was aiming for with this photograph.

I am hoping to have a new computer in a few weeks, and then I can finally load my Adobe program and have some more fun.  I'm particularly fond of altering floral images, for using with textile work.

I hope you enjoy the sunset play, and please take a look at some of Scott's work.  His equipment and approach to photography is so much more professional than mine, but then, that is what his blog is all about. 


DIAN said...

Linda, I love these images and especially like the trees in the middle one.
Scot's blog is great, thanks.

Iceni UK said...

Linda, the photo's are lovely. Very dramatic in colour.

It got me thinking ... as you take more, they woud look great printed onto fabric and made into a wall hanging, like a sampler quilt.

Radka said...

Fantastic pictures, Linda!

Linda said...

I love the trees in the second photograph too. I'd also love to concentrate more on stitching some of my photographs, but finding the time is an issue lately.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous sunsets up your way!

Kerrie said...

Beautiful Linda - such beauty at your doorstep