Thursday, February 3, 2011

Katherine Wins

I've finally had a moment to pop the names in a hat and draw out a winner for the sewing caddy give-away.

Congratulations to Katherine, and a thank you to her for her friendship.  She has always encouraged me with my blog.  She is also a very hard working young woman, with a young family.  Their houseyard was inundated with floodwaters recently during the Victorian episode, so I hope this small link between friends/bloggers/embroiderers will be of some comfort to her, and  a tangible keepsake.

I love reading all the comments, and know that people enjoy my rambling.

Please spare a moment today to think of those people in North Queensland who now have the task of rebuilding their lives after 'Yasi' swept through last night.  I am not sure yet as to the full extent of the carnage, but wish everyone well, and I am sure more generosity will be needed, and indeed given in the next few weeks.  Surely this has got to stop soon, enough already!!! 


michelle said...

Hi Linda, hope your keeping well !! congrats to Katherine on winning sounds like she could do with a little kindness. so much tragedy in the world today makes you very grateful for the small stuff. I enjoy your friendship and your blog and i am grateful you take the time to stop by my blog !!
have a wonderful week
take care

DIAN said...

Linda, I am sure Katherine will be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Katherine! Laurel

Iceni UK said...

Congratulations Katherine. A beautiful prize to win.
Keep safe everyone, you are in my prayers

Radka said...

Congratulations, Katherine! I am sure she will be thrilled:))

Anonymous said...

Thanks girls and Linda for offering up the prize. I am very thrilled to have been drawn out as the lucky recipient and will give it a loving home to come to. Having something handmade by a friend and fellow stitcher is wonderful. I treasure the needlecase also made by Linda. I am at the moment having a very happy day. The assessor who finally turned up Wednesday night after changing companies due to lack of communication has rung to say I can get moving on the heating and cooling units. I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat at the moment. The day couldn't get much better but a cool change would top it off LOL

Jensters said...

Well done Katherine, something nice from Linda to cheer you up and so glad your day was full of goodness yesterday.

Kerrie said...

Congratulations Katherine - enjoy using the sewing caddy!