Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goodies to savour

Yesterday's mail brought a package I had been expecting.  Some time ago I ordered the complete pallette from Vicki Welsh's first Colour Pallette project for 2011.  You can read more about it on her blog -

The fabric in the photograph above is one part of the Pine Boughs selection.  I am also finding myself drawn to the February project, but in all honesty, must restrain myself.  Vicki is fabric dyer numero uno!!!  She took the Pine Boughs colours from a photograph, and arrived at each of them because of her skill in formulating colours.  I have done some dyeing, learnt to mix colours and such, but not in an organized way such as this.  I get what I get, but I do know that this precision takes a lot of patience, practice and skill.   

The other part of the Pine Boughs pallette is here [please disregard cork flooring!!].  The 'mottling/marbling' in these hand dyes are lovely, and I'm really thrilled with them.  The 3CS ladies are running challenges again this year, but unfortunately, just at this point in time I'm not in a postion to take part.  Perhaps later in the year, when I have a few other stitching commitments under control.  You can also see some quilt design possibilities Vicki has worked on using this pallette [on her blog].  I have to say the price is very good too, at $15/yard!!  I received 3 yards posted here for less than $20/yard, which I feel is extremely good for the quality product I'm getting.

At the end of last year I also won another of Vicki's fabric postcards.  Due to the flooding in our area, my mail was held up for almost a month, and then of course I had the camera drama.  I tried to photograph the PC with my phone, but the image colour was very far from the truth!!  I've finally been able to share this PC with you now and I hope you enjoy seeing the lovely card I received.  Thank you Vicki.  I love all the cards that came my way due to my involvement last year with the 3CS projects.  I learnt so much, and met ladies whose talent I so admire.

And, to add to yesterday's fun, I also found out I had been chosen as the winner of a fabric give-away on the blog of Frances Leate [].  I'm sorry I just can't get the page to load this morning so I can actually 'link' it here, forgive me Frances.  I am looking forward to that parcel.  All fabrics are made most welcome in my home...........LOL.........

I am still quite busy stitching on my hardanger, but nothing worthy of sharing just at the moment.  It is shaping up to be another hot day here in our part of the world, and I believe tomorrow is to be worse. 


Vicki W said...

Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you are happy with the fabric!

DIAN said...

Linda, I agree that Vicki's way with colour is very special. Like you I just finish up with what I finish up with (mind you that suits me) but I do like the ordered way that some people manage their work.

Linda, do you know what you will do with these wonderful pieces or are you just going to admire them for a while.

Frances Leate said...

What beautiful colours these fabrics are Linda and I will look forward to seeing them pop up in some of your future projects.

I posted your parcel yesterday so hopefully it will be with you soon. Take care.

Iceni UK said...

Linda, love the dyed fabrics and eagerly await to see what you will make from them.

I agree that Vicki has a special way with dyes and I am so lucky own several pieces of her fabric after winning a BOM prize last year.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours in that fabric Linda. You are a lucky girl. The post card is great too. Are they a bigger version of an ATC.

Kerrie said...

Congratulations on your win Linda - lovely fabric - the colours are so nice.