Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paddock to Plate

We've had a busy couple of days here.  The men decided it was time to call on the 'mobile butcher', so  I've been up to my elbows in prime beef.  It's not the most glamorous job going, but someone has to do it.  Thankfully, I don't need to pay any attention to the meat section for quite some time, as we have enough in the freezers to keep us going for quite a while.  It's not your lovely 'two sweet little rib fillets on a polystyrene tray', but it is literally paddock to plate.  Yesterday, after the cutting up, we had eye fillet for lunch........................melt in your mouth stuff.  It's grass fed, and free of chemicals.   It's also nice to be able to stand outside the coldroom and ask for the cuts to be dealt with the way that suits you best.

Thank you all for the comments on the give-away crazy patchwork.  I'll be doing the draw first thing tomorrow morning and will hopefully post the winner shortly afterwards.  Good luck to all who cared to comment, whether you are a first timer, or a regular.  I thank you all for taking the time to read my blog.  Without such support and friendship I would not have continued.


Robin Mac said...

Lucky you to be able to have that option - though I seem to recall it is either a feast or a famine! How is yur weather holding down there now? Wind is starting to gust a bit here, but we are really only on the outer edge so not much to worry about. Will contact you in the next few days. Cheers.

Karyn said...

I am drooling just thinking of all that beautiful meat. I dont envy you the task of putting it all away though.

DIAN said...

Linda, I am sure there will be some delicious meals in the coming weeks. I hate the supermarket so wouldn't mind having it arrive but as I eat very little meat it would take a while to eat through it all.

How generous of you to give something so beautiful away.

Anney said...

Oh Linda,how funny I've found this entry especially after our chat today about meat cuts..a very useful chart,,thank you..x