Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mailday Goodies

I've been having quite a field day with mail lately, some gifts arriving, and then of course, some things I had to pay for........LOL......  Above is a beautiful postcard I received as a gift because of my involvement with the TOM on the Three Creative Studios Forum.  You can see more information about the TOM programme here:  I have had the pleasure of receiving a number of Sue's postcards, and I keep saying it.  She always creates work that is second to none, giving everything a professional finish.  I feel privileged to now be the owner of these little art pieces.  You can see more of Sue's explorations here:    Do try to visit her blog, as you will be rewarded with an abundance of mixed media techniques.

I was also fortunate to have had my name drawn out to receive a  give-away from Judy.  Judy does beautiful embroidery, has a love of the world around her, and recently rewarded her followers with several lovely handmade gifts.  Not only did I receive this gift, and the card, but Judy included some more fabric, ric-rac, and a lovely handwritten note.  Check out Judy's blog here:
Judy has a love of all things pretty and genteel.

Now down to the purchasing part of my mail deliveries.  Recently I have had a splurge on books.  The Gloria Loughman book 'Quilted Symphony' I purchased from a store in Sydney - Oatley Cottage -   The other two books, Drawn to Stitch [Gwen Hedley] and Embroidered Books [Isobell Hall] were both purchased from The Book Depository -
I am thrilled with all purchases, and have spent hours digesting the contents of each of these wonderful publications.

Last, but not least are a selection of things I received from an American store.  I've been trying to locate clear postcard sized envelopes for some time, and thankfully the hunt is over [thanks to Sue Bleiweiss for her generous link information].  Of course, one can't just order one thing now, that would be a waste of good packaging and postage!!  I also ordered black glitter [why!!], some tiny, tiny micro marble beads in purple, and something new to me, ie Mylar paper [I saw reference to it in one of the above books - and a little on how to use it].  The store where these goodies were purchased can be seen here:
This store was exceptional to deal with, handling my order quickly, and even placing a credit back into my Paypal account due to the site calculator over charging on postage.  The order was packed extremely well, and arrived in a very short time.  I'll definitely be shopping with them again.

I hope everyone enjoys seeing my goodies, and finds the links of interest.  I only receive two mail deliveries per week here, Tuesday and Friday.  I am sure our mailman must wonder how it is that I seem to live a reclusive life, yet receive all these wonderful packages.  Oh well, let him wonder.  Thank you ladies for continuing to visit, and comment on my work.  I have been encouraged by the generosity of spirit that abounds in the blogging community.


Karyn said...

Don't you love books coming in the mail? I got one of my Book Depository books, the other in still in transit somewhere :-(
Sadly i am still waiting for two other books that I ordered nearly two months ago.
you must get lots of lovely surprises in your mail; our only surprises are how high our bills are getting!LOL!!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, What great goodies you have gotten in the mail. The books look very interesting and the post card is very creative. You will have to tell me what you do with that mylar?? I am very happy you loved your CQ Heart. I hope you will look at it and always remember MOI!! VBg Hugs Judy

shirley said...

Hello Linda, I feel like a cyber stalker and wonder if my emails are getting through. You have won the giveaway on my blog and have been trying to get in touch.

Radka said...

What a lot of lovely goodies! You are going to be even more busy:)) Embroidered Books is on my Amazon list also (plus dozens others...)

DIAN said...

Hi Linda, I know how much you look forward to the mail: this community of needlewomen is so generous both in sending things to each other and also in explaining techniques or luring us into extra shopping by adding links. Thanks as always.

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Hi Linda, It sure is exciting to get goodies in the mail like these rather than those dreaded window envelopes. I agree with you about the blogging community and how sharing people can be. Thank you for the links, I have enjoyed exploring them. Di.

Anney said...

Hi Linda,goodness I am popping in to find a myraid of sights to wow my glitter,nylon rope and lolly pop sticks..also stunning 'origami' quilt needlecase..
You are amazing and it's so refreshing to catch up with what you and the others are up to!Will e-mail you soon re life in the 'Tom' home.xxxxxxx Anney