Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lunch in the Bush

As I've already mentioned in a previous post, our patchwork group met not long ago for the final time this year.  For a few years we have been going to a catered luncheon in our local town, but this year our Club President offered her home for the day out.  For me personally, that meant a trip of over 100 kilometres one way.  It had rained during the night, on some already waterlogged roads, so there were some fast and furious early morning phone calls hither and yon trying to decide whether to cancel, or move the proceedings back to the hall where we usually meet.  Thankfully, the sun shone early, so we decided to give it a go.  We all contributed to the feast, with several different salads, turkey, ham, chicken, quiche, and sweets of course.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the sweets, probably too busy making sure I tried everything!!!  If you enlarge the above photo, in the bottom left corner you will see a type of green aspic salad.  This was made with diced cucumber and crushed pineapple, in a tangy gelatin mould.  I will endeavour to make it again soon, sharing the recipe if anyone is interested.  

These are a couple of photos taken as we were driving into the property, ie one of the surface water storages, complete with tank and windmill, something quite familiar to all of us out here.  You will notice the heavy skies, which kept us all a little nervous throughout the day.  Our hostess has a beautiful home, with lawn, fruit trees, vegetable garden, and many, many garden beds, an oasis in the middle of nowhere really.  One thing that I thought might interest some readers was their mailbox.  I think it was made by their son, and I'd love to see what their mailman did the first day it appeared.  It's just too cute.

The highlight of our day is sharing the stitching we've completed throughout the year.  Some of us don't get as much done as we should.............., but one of our members just leaves us all in her wake.  She produces the most wonderful quilts, wallhangings, table mats, tea towels, you think it, she makes it, and beautifully!!!!  She is also our 'unofficial' photographer, diligently recording everyones' pieces for following generations, and a kind and giving member where sharing knowledge is concerned.  I have two photos of her work, with her permission of course.  The quilt on the left was made by Neitta, purchased in kit form, but she told us some of the fabrics included were not quite to her liking, so she had to make some substitutions.  I have to tell you too that this type of setback is quite annoying for us here, as we just can't run down to the local patchwork shop and grab a fat quarter or two!!!  If this happens, it often takes some time before you have all your pieces together.   I believe this quilt is entitled Rosebud Lane.

Neitta travelled to Dalby one weekend during winter to attend a workshop given by Fiona Hammond.  You can see more of Fiona's work on her website here:    The fabrics had to be purchased prior to the workshop, as some of the block piecing was to be done in advance.   Thank you so much Neitta for allowing me to share these with other ladies, and thank you for being you!!!


Iceni UK said...

As I write this it has just started to snow, I popped my hand outside the door to touch the first fluttery snow flakes of winter here. :)

Linda, your day was well worth the long drive, all of the food looks so tempting. I would love to know the receipe whenever you have a moment to write it out.

As for the quilts, they are amazing aren't they.

It is always a pleasure to see the embroideries and quilting that you and your friends make, all so inspiring.

Thank you for sharing your photo's and news, your blog is wonderful and I look forward each day to reading about a day in your life. It is pleasure to know you.
Hugs for you.

fabriquefantastique said...

I have to laugh as Radka (top of your blog list) also had a end of year group experience. Here you are in Australia, Radka in England and me in Canada reading about it.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, The Christmas gathering sounded very lovely. Those clouds did look a bit threatening. The Pig Mail Box is toooo cool. Love it. Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilts. I really loved the one from Neitta workshop. Very Very pretty. Hugs Judy

Radka said...

Just to show how everything is relative to where you live, I would not even dream of driving 100 miles for a day's meeting, with our traffic, by the time I would get there it would be time to start back:))
Thank you for sharing your day with us, Linda:)

shirley said...

The food at your Christmas breakup looks very scrumtious. I would love the recipe for the cucumber/pineapple mould sounds good.

100k drives are not a big thing in outback Queensland, although the weather could have been a problem.

Sounds like you have a wonderful caring group of ladies who are as talented as yourself.

Thank you also for sharing.

DIAN said...

Linda, thanks for sharing the Christmas break up. It is funny to think of distances in different places. I know that if you didn't make long journeys you would be even more isolated out on the land.
I love Nietta's quilts: especially the first one.
Will the group meet again next year?

Anonymous said...

Linda, the quilts are just beautiful! The food looks delicious too. Thanks for a little snapshot of your Christmas break-up. Glad you managed to get there, even though the roads were waterlogged.


Jensters said...

Snowing a little here Linda so looking at that lunch reminds me of the looks so good and i would take you up on the receipe.....i love looking at quilts they amaze me i surpose its cause ive never made one! x

Anonymous said...

Well Linda, it sounds as though your get to gether was wonderful. Fantastic photos of the food and quilts. Love those quilts!

I had to chuckle when I saw the outdoor buffet table set with a Christmas cloth. You'd never see that in Canada in December. Oh, no, not where Santa lives. LOL I'd love to have Christmas out of doors!

Thanks once again for sharing your special times.

All the best to you.
Linda A