Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sewing for a Bloke!!!

My #1 son loves chillies!!!  He is also the main 'cook' in his household.  Don't worry, his wife has lots of other duties and attends to them well.  In short, she is a workaholic, and a lovely girl.  For years I have been thinking about organizing some chilli themed napery for their kitchen, and I think today I'm finally going to have the project finished.  The above photograph shows the eight placemats I've made [they have a large wooden table which easily seats eight].  These are reversible, with chilli fabric on one side and green hessian on the other.  I've done a little bit of quilted stitching just to keep the layers together - there is also a layer of green homespun between - I had it here, and the hessian, so thought it would serve my purpose well, and get rid of it!!!

I have also made the eight napkins, hemmed, with corners mitred.  I love doing mitred corners, and I especially love the finished article.  I simply press everything where it needs to be sewn, then sew.  I find I get a really good finish working this way.

As there was quite a length of this fabric [yes, I know, I bought too much!!], I made two centre hotmats as well.  These have an insulated wadding inside, as well as the green homespun.   I needed to use the green homespun under the hessian, as it's loose weave allowed the colour of the insulbrite to peep through.  That really didn't make me very happy!!  I hope the photograph will show the layers I've used.  They are quite nice and thick, and should protect the table if they are used for serving hot food.

I do hope he will be happy with them now that I have them all finished.  I did show him when I'd made the first one, and he seemed impressed, his only comment being that they were a 'bit wild Ma'.  At least they'll be a talking point at their next BBQ if nothing else - perhaps they'll all just have a giggle at his crazy mother.

I now want to get my fruit/vege fat quarters made for the other family.  I know they like bright, country napery, so should not be disappointed when they are handed over.  What a good excuse to get to the patchwork store - I desperately need to match plain homespuns...................  

Thank you all again for taking such a keen interest in my posts, the comments I receive are much appreciated. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Lovely to see the placemats completed. Your work is so neat ... always!!! I will be looking forward to seeing your next project.


Julie said...

They look fabulous Linda! Can't wait to see the next set.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, I am sure your son and wife will love them. Lovely. Hugs Judy

Jensters said...

Wow Linda they are just wonderful and your stitching is so neat x sent you and email x

Anonymous said...

Linda the placemats are wonderful and the colours are bright and playful. Perfect for a bar b que. Can't wait to see the next set you make.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they will love them. You have done a wonderful job running them up.