Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Blogging Gift

Some weeks ago I was fortunate to have been chosen a winner on Shirley's blog.  I received this lovely piece of crazy patchwork in the mail earlier in the week, and thought I would share my joy here.  There are so many lovely elements to this piece, I'm overwhelmed.  I am not sure how I'll present it at this stage, but I do hope I can use this gift wisely.  

You can view Shirley's blog here: 

Please take some time to read Shirley's posts and share her interests.  I have found her to be a most enthusiastic embroiderer, and a friendly and giving person.  Thank you so much Shirley for your generosity. 

I seem to be having quite a deal of good fortune of late.  I still have some lovely fat quarters and a little hardanger doiley to share - more goodies from my patchwork group luncheon. 


Radka said...

It's lovely, Linda, Shirley has put a lot of work into this:))

shirley said...

Hello Linda, thank you for your kind comments here. I am not sure if the post I just typed went through or not. but you can probably delete this if I have doubled up.

The small blue buttons are actually from France and are glass. I came across them in an antique shop in Townsville where the owner was French and had a lot of second hand French lace, and clothing.. old fashioned stuff. I actually got 2 sizes of the buttons and 2 sizes of some plum coloured ones, which I have now used up I think.