Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Needlecase #10

I'm getting there!!  I knew sooner or later the patchworker in me would appear, so this time around I used a little of that experience to settle on a theme for October.  This one has been made using an origami technique, and fabrics printed with an oriental theme.

The design for the centre was taken from a little booklet purchased from Chandler's Cottage.  You can see lots of beautiful quilts, etc. and fabrics on their website:


This centre piece was originally 10 inches square.  I am having great success with the finishing of these needlecases using pelmet vilene for the stiffening on most projects.  This stiffener makes the whole needlecase nice and firm. 

This is the inside of the needlecase.  This fabric was purchased almost ten years ago, along with several others in that 'story theme'.  I have mountains of plain purple and I really don't know why, as purple has never been one of my favourite colours.  However, it works well with this fabric, and I also had the purple wool felt, so the colour was set in concrete, so to speak.


Karyn said...

Origami, what a great idea. That material is so pretty. And whether you like pruple or not it is perfect for the inside. Another lovely effort Linda. (Another one I will feel the need to copy off you i think!!LOL)

DIAN said...

Linda, I am so impressed with the variety of techniqes you have used in your needlecases.
This one is particularly pretty. It is good that you are managing to put some of your stash to good use as well.

Juliettecherry said...

I am a bit late on catching up with your blog, but I just had to say how lovely this needlecase is. Pretty fabric and an unusual technique.

I also compliment you on your staging.

margaret said...

thanks for the link Linda to this piece, I could spend all week going through all your blogs but must be sensible and ration myself!