Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I think just getting to blog this week has been a 'Mission'.  I've had an injured dog as well as an injured husband to look after, and have been neglecting my stitching and blogging.

Some time ago I shared a piece of blackwork with everyone.  This has finally been framed and ready for somewhere to 'live'.  The matt board was not of my choosing, but now that I've laced the embroidery and it's sitting in the frame I suppose it will grow on me.  I think I would have chosen something a tad darker, but after waiting for some time to have this done, I'm not going to worry about it anymore.  I do have this design drawn, and the stitches catalogued/charted, as well as the colours I've used.  If anyone would like more information about this, please email me, and I will endeavour to help you with it.   Although the Noshi as such is not my design, working it in coloured blackwork most certainly is.

I have also been waiting to have this cross stitch framed.  This piece was started in 1995, but I only finished the stitching a few years ago.  I had this lovely Tasmanian Oak frame, which I gave a facelift.   The chart was in a Burda magazine I had from my dressmaking days.   Again, I think I'd have chosen a slightly darker green matt board, but this pale green has grown on me also.  Please forgive the reflection on the glass here, I just could not get a photo without having this problem.

Tomorrow will be busy for us.  We will be watching the 1000km car race at Bathurst [on the television].  It will be the tenth, of the tenth, of the tenth.  I wonder if there's an omen in there somewhere.............


Frances Leate said...

What lovely cross stitch and blackwork projects. I was a very keen cross stitcher before I caught the quilting bug and have some unframed and lots unfinished - one day!!! I may turn one unframed cross stitch house into a mini quilt. Take care.

Radka said...

Hi Linda, I hope your husband's injury is not too serious! And your dog's.
Well done for having your work framed, this is where I always fall down, projects just ending up in a draw. Lovely cross stitch:), I hope it is now hanging in some prominent place! Also your blackwork, it is beautiful, well done:))
Thank you for your comment:) Look after yourself!

DIAN said...

Those pieces look really good Linda. It is good to frame things. It really enhances the design.

Hope sick bay is a bit quieter for you next week.

Iceni UK said...

Linda, your embroideries look amazing framed, I think the frames are perfect because they enhance and do not detract the eye from you embroideries.

My good wishes go to your husband for a speedy recovery. And the little dog..... I hope all is well with it.

Take care.

Robin Mac said...

I hope both the patients are recovering Linda. I used to be a cross stitcher many moons ago also, but I didn't ever so blackwork. Both your pieces look lovely in their frames. Cheers, Robin