Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabric Postcards

Not long ago I participated in a group postcard swap on the 3CS forum.  The theme for this swap was 'On Broadway'.  It is all over now, and we have all received our swap cards, so I thought I would share the ones I received as well as those I made.

 These are the four postcards that I received.  Each one of us seemed to associate musicals with the theme.  I am so pleased to have taken part in this.  It's good to stretch oneself at times, as I struggle interpreting a theme.   But, I have to say that I've so enjoyed receiving such pretty 'mailart'.

I took this photo before I sent off my efforts.  I can't help but be amused at the similarities in thought processes, as well as the fact that some of us even broke the background in the same way.  These are the things I find interesting about projects such as this.   I have to apologize for the incorrect spelling on one of my cards - oh dear, I won't print out things again before I double check!!!  I did make an extra one, and sent off to a lady who unfortunately had taken ill and couldn't participate.  I do hope she is now feeling much better.

Whilst on the subject of fabric postcards, I would love to share this one with everyone.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the winner of this lovely card made by Kathy Shaker.  It arrived last week.  It is just lovely in 'real life', so many little bits going together to make this sweet card.  Kathy is a friend I've made via the StitchinFingers site.  You can see more of Kathy's inspirational work on her blog: 

Thank you Kathy!!


Jensters said...

Wow Linda those pc you received are so creative i love em and the one Kathy made and your pc are stunning too, your like me i have trouble interpreting a theme too...well done x

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Wonderful mail art. How are you going to display hem?

DIAN said...

Such lovely cards to send and to receive.

Juliettecherry said...

I never cease to be amazed at your versatility, the postcards are delightful.

Also like the cross-stitched picture.

Anney said...

Oh gorgeous!! xx

Martina und Klaus said...

Linda, you've found a nice way to interpret the theme.
By the way, AMC are Artist Mailing Cards, 15 by 10 cms. The same as your Mailing Cars ?
Please have a look at out blog (sorry but only in german):
and on our creative works in our foto albums:
Please have a look at MAKLA Kreatives 1-3, MAKLA AMCs and kjh Druckexperimente. The other albums contain fotos of our model railroad.
We'd love to swap Mailing Cards with you. Do we really need a theme ? Wouldn't it be nice to surprise eachother, after we've seen eachothers works.