Monday, August 2, 2010

Nature's Inspiration

I can't help but marvel at the unusual and interesting forms we see in nature.  As each of us strive to make that perfect bullion rose, or evenly stitched leaf or tree trunk, I wonder why.  Sometimes beauty in nature is not always because of perfection, and sometimes it's there when you least expect it.  I have this photograph to share showing 'beauty'.  I had never really LOOKED at this rose much.  It blooms well, has no perfume, and I don't know it's name, but a few days ago I was searching for something to 'snap', which gave the opportunity to LOOK at it more closely.   The morning was quite foggy which always yields something interesting.  On close inspection I could see that the centre of this lovely rose seemed to have the petals forming a spiral.  Thinking this might be something interesting to work with on my photo altering gig, I zoomed in on the rose, and then zoomed in again.  The very fine droplets of moisture took on a life of their own in the zoom mode, reminiscent of pictures I've seen where violets have been brushed with egg white and sprinkled with castor sugar.  Perhaps you may see something different in them.


I also found another interesting object with great potential.  This piece is probably more in tune with the not so perfect or beautiful.  The cactus plant abounds here, taking some time to be destroyed by the cochineal bug.  When you see the sick and dying plants, you notice the fibrous tissue that makes up the inside of the plant.  I picked up this small piece and photographed it because it seemed a great source of inspiration for some machine lace stitching on water soluble fabric.  I can't wait to hopefully stitch something as interesting and delicate as nature has produced!!!


Radka said...

The rose is so beautiful. You are right, it is amazing what we can see, when we actually LOOK.
It will be interesting to see what you are going to stitch.

DIAN said...

Linda, you always manage to find something beautiful in nature. I too love the things we find outdoors. The rose is very pretty: however I prefer that decaying cactus. It would be lovely printed on organza and then stitched around.

Anonymous said...

Both those photos are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that rose perfectly delicate and beautiful! Fantastic photo Linda. I also thought that it looked exactly like a sugared flower befor reading your comment. Nature has so much beauty to offer.