Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm still around!!!

This week seems to have completely disappeared on me!!!  Thank you all very much for the positive comments on the July needlecase.  I am pleased to report the grey felt turned up, along with the lovely apple green ordered at the same time.  Somehow it just disappeared.  I have to say a special thank you to Catherine [Catherine's Place] for getting to the bottom of the dilemma and organizing a second order for me.  She has some very nice products and I will be putting in another order ASAP.  I have to admit though, after the grey felt arrived, I am happy that I used the black felt in the July needlecase.  I think the contrast is more striking.

I have made a start on August's needlecase, but I find I've been needing something to do at night, something that is not so taxing on my eyesight.  These little toddlers' beanies are quick to make and use left overs. 

I thought I might also share this pram cover with everyone.  I knitted this using homespun wool.  It's not the 'softest' cover I've ever come across, but it should be very warm.  This little 4-row pattern creates a waffle effect, and was very easy to knit.  I do hope the close up is clear enough.    Both this and the beanie pattern are in a book I've had for years - All you can Knit and Crochet for Babies [Golden Hands publication].  I really like the styles in it, despite it being quite old. 


DIAN said...

Good to see you again Linda. I am glad to see the felt finally arrived.
Your knitting is so beautiful. Are the beanies and pram cover for anyone in particular.

Jensters said...

So glad you havn't disappeared i'd miss ya....but i know you hadn' glad you got the felt sorted out...wonderful knitting and yes who are these for? x

Radka said...

Baby knitting? For anyone special?

Anonymous said...

More wonderful things to share. I love the knitting and your pramcover is lovely. I think that I have the book you mentioned in my collection. If not mum certainly has it as I can recognise it.