Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mystery Quilts

I thought I would share some mystery quilts I have done over the years.  This first one was from an Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  We were given only fabric requirements, and a little information on which fabrics might be used where, so I was buying a tad on the 'blind side'.  Thankfully, yellow is a colour I really like, and this quilt turned out to my satisfaction.  It was fun to work along with each month's magazine instalment, and I regret not buying enough fabric to make the quilt bigger.  I machine quilted it myself on my Bernina, with the yellow area being stitched with all over stippling.   The block used has been a favourite of mine for many years, but I didn't realize it was going to be so until the final assembly.

This pink/blue quilt is not finished as yet.  I keep wondering if I should add another border with some applique to make it a little larger.  I have a lot of the blue, and a plain, pale blue chambray fabric that goes very well with the quilt as a whole, so that might work for a second border [with applique], using the already used blue as the last border...................  I didn't buy anything for this one, preferring to use fabrics I found in my stash.  If I had my time over, I would not put the pink in the same place, as I feel it overwhelms the quilt. 

On close inspection you can see the pattern resembles a log cabin with 'corners'.  Again, it was a fun day out with my patchwork friends, but I'm a tad disenchanted with the PINK.   We really don't need quilts here in SE Queensland, and most of the time my quilts are folded up in the cupboard.


Frances Leate said...

Great quilts and I too am particularly fond of yellow. A sawtooth border would look good around the pink and blue quilt to finish it off if you didn't feel like doing the applique. We don't need quilts here in Cairns but they make great decorator items on the back of lounges and on those pretend cane ladders. Happy stitching.

Iceni UK said...

Linda, your quilts are lovely, A plain border would look good around the pink//blue as you have lots of pattern within the quilt.

Or perhaps plain border with flying geese centred around it!!!

I just wondered if you have ever made a ROW quilt?
I am taking part in a Row quilt swap with 7 other ladies around the world, something I have never done this before and am enjoying the challenge. :)

DIAN said...

Linda, such gorgeous quilts. I wont offer advice on colours etc as quilts are something I admire but never attempt.

Anonymous said...

Your quilts are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Linda your quilts are marvelous. I particularily like the yellow one and am so impressed that you did the stippling yourself.

This past weekend I mastered stippling! That means I didn't break a needle and was able to complete 3.25 squares without the thread breaking either. To be able to stipple an entire quilt would be a reason for me to celebrate.

All the best from Canada where we certainly need quilts.