Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One UFO finished

Today I finally finished this wallhanging, which was started over 12 months ago.  It was a kit I'd purchased from Dianne Johnstone.  I did, however, change some of the fabric;  I appliqued using the hand blanket stitch method [instead of the needleturn method];  and made it into a wallhanging rather than it's intended cushion [now I have a nice lot of the multi-dyed fabric left, as it was supposed to be a frill].  It's very 'pink', but I'm warming more to it now it's done.

I also changed the centre a tad.  The original design featured a simple black circle, but I felt like experimenting with Ghiordes Knot and some beading in order to give the flower a little more dimension.  I love the fluffy effect and so pleased I tried it.  This is a great little knot for adding a little texture.

In an attempt to get the whole process over and done, I grabbed whatever I could from the cupboard for the backing.  This is some 'created' fabric.  It started out life as a normal piece of calico, but was sprayed with water and Parisienne Essence [from a fairly dodgey spray bottle too I might add].   The wadding was new to me though.  I recently purchased some bamboo wadding, and it really is lovely to stitch through.


Anonymous said...

Love your finished UFO! The changes that you have made to it are stunning. I actually like it better like this than as a cushion. It would have been too pink for me too with a pink trim. More subtle as a hanging.

Radka said...

Oh, your wallhanging has come out so well, Linda! It is realy, realy nice. (There is nothing wrong with pink!)

Iceni UK said...

Hi Linda
I love the little chats we all have on your blog, and another treat to see your wall hanging this morning. It is beautiful. I like the pink too, have you decided where it will hang?

Sometimes we think some colours are not for us, but given a time to 'get to know them' we think "it's okay" :)

It always feels so good to finish UFO's and even better when they turn out as you want them too. :)

It's a hot June day here in England, I am going to potter in the garden then finish my Black and Cream crewel embroidery, it is going to be a cushion cover.
Take care, Hugs to you.

Linda said...

Thank you ladies. I DO LIKE pink, very much in fact, it's just I don't use it for decorating in my house, as I am not really a 'decorator' as such, and only live in country surroundings. This leads me more to earthy colours for the home I suppose.
It is so nice when people leave constructive comments.
Iceni, I look forward to seeing your black/cream cushion [now that is a favourite combination for me....LOL]. Happy gardening.
Very foggy morning here in not so sunny Queensland!!!

Jensters said...

Its so nice when we finally finish something that has taken us a little longer....its a wonderful pink Linda and looks stunning as a wallhanging x