Monday, June 7, 2010

Country Cultural Experience

Yesterday I was very fortunate to attend the opening of a new exhibition at our local art gallery.  This exhibition is showing the work of two ladies from our district, their last being four years ago.  It was a lovely day in an extraordinary setting, and I was amazed at how their work had changed, especially with regard to the colours they are using now.  They both work in mixed media, and are having fun with their artistic journey.  A little can be seen about our gallery on this website:

I've taken a photo of one of the huge 'metal' bottletrees that are part of the structure of the building.   You should find lots of information about this gallery if you care to visit the above site.   This was the 'cultural' part of my day', and the following photos will show the more 'country' side to it.

This is one of our usual 'pedestrians'.  As you can see, in absolutely no hurry to get out of my way, and very eager to pose for a photograph.  Thankfully, in daylight one can often 'avoid' these fellows, but night driving here is an experience.  I apologize for the hazy shot, but someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to wipe the dust off the windscreen!!!

Our local town has a golf club of course, which local town hasn't.  Now, St Andrew's or Augusta it's not.  I often see these 'residents' as I drive into town.  The centre of town is only a short walk from where this photograph was taken, about two to three minutes of brisk walking.  These guys are not at all worried about the golfers who are about to hit the first ball of the day.   I don't need to remind you that rain in our area is not an everyday occurrence!!!!

I do hope my country cultural experience will bring a smile to a few faces.


Radka said...

I have to smile, Linda, remembering a couple of stories my son told me about his time in Australia, involving these "residents", once he got out of his tent in the morning and one of them was lying down just outside his tent, supporting his head on his front paw, as a person would, as if he was waiting for hin to get up. Another time, when he had to get up during the night to answer a call of nature, he walked into this big, hairy wall just outside his tent.

DIAN said...

Linda, thanks for sharing your day out. The gallery is beautiful and I am sure you would have enjoyed the time absorbing the "art" and finding pleasure in someone else's journey.

As for the kangaroos - what a great pic. I love the ones on the golf course. It does look dry though. The golfers must be keen.

Linda said...

Our local golf courses here have 'sand' greens [browns........LOL]. I'm not a golfer, so cannot even imagine the implications of that on how the game goes. It is rather 'crunchy' underfoot again, no rain to speak of for quite a while.

Jensters said...

It is nice to read what you have been upto Linda....i love looking at Art so bet the exhibition was good.

llkdesigns said...

Thanks for your kind words about my work -- which des not hold a candle to yours!!!! The sun that you created is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone! I am regretting that I have to go to work today. I only want to stay home and 'mess' with fabrics and see what I can do! You have inspired me. Thank you!
You have kangaroos, we have deer. For the first time, during dinner last evening, a HUGE deer was standing in one of our gardens deciding which thing he would have for dinner. The nerve!!!!