Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter - 2012

I know Easter is all but over for this year, and I am sorry I did not get here to send good wishes to all who read my blog.  Time was not on my side just prior to the Easter break.  I do however, hope that everyone had a pleasant time, doing things that made them happy.  The weather here was simply beautiful, crisp nights and warm days.  I took the photograph above on Saturday evening, just as the moon was coming up.  I am not sure it's the best photo, but my goodness, when it's full moon out here, you can see outside without a flashlight.  My hubby and I both rose before daylight on Easter Sunday morning.  He went looking for those ever elusive wild pigs, and I walked.  I was walking for almost half an hour before there was light in the eastern sky from the sun.  At no time did I need to light my way!!  It was a magical time to be up and around, a time to reflect on all that is good in life, and a time to be thankful for the peaceful surroundings in which I live.   

As this year's Easter draws to a close, please can I say again how wonderful it is to have met so many caring, sharing and kind people, drawn together by our love of creating something from very little.  Thank you all so very much.

I also realized this morning that my blog is now two years old, as of Saturday.  Time flies when you are having fun.


Dianne said...

Linda, Such a lovely post. We truly are blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Easter is a time when we reflect on our lives and give thanks for everything that is precious to us. Love your photo.

Karyn said...

I hope you had a lovely Easter. We had a quiet one mostly which was nice. Still recovering from the tonsilitis that DS kindly shared with me! On the mend now.

You are very good to be walking, i really need to take some motivation from you.
And a happy blog-iversary to you.

Wanda-Maria Roszak said...

Linda, you wrote beautifully about their feelings about the place where you live and everything that you thought.
I understand your joy, it's really a unique corner of the world.
For me it's different, cold, moisture, fog, rain, some snow fell, generally ugly days! My desire is to feel, to experience such beautiful moments in life that you have, the sun, warmth, great fertile healthy vegetables etc. .. the sun gives them everything, and even joy to people, because it gives a wonderful atmosphere of happiness and joy. Linda, unfortunately, not all people in the world have the good fortune, and why? This alone know about it!
lots of hugs, I greet :)))

Wanda-Maria Roszak said...

Linda ,....

You wrote that your blog is now two years, it is his birthday!,
Happy Birthday-Blog! , Your beautiful work of art. and certainly will be a lot of your beautiful art. work and wish you 100 years into blogging

DIAN said...

Gorgeous photo Linda, and happy after Easter.

We seem to have been pressed for time and our weather is very changeable.

It is good to walk in the early hours of the morning. Do you hear the birds waking up?

Happy blogging birthday too.

Anneliese said...

Wonderful post, Linda, yes we are really blessed - to be able to create and share and enjoy. And enjoy peaceful days. And I am thankful that I can buy food whenever I need and choose from a wonderful offer in our markets. I think about it every day.
The moon let me stay awake half of the night! Never mind.

Juliettecherry said...

Congratulations on two years of blogging. Where has that time gone? I always enjoy reading about your daily life and whatever you are working on, you have given us some very good ideas. Love the photo of the moon rising, I always think it is a comfort to think the same one shines on all of us, however far away we may be.

Frances Leate said...

An amazing photo Linda and congratulations on two years blogging. It is really great to have met up with you even if it is in cyberspace. Take care.

Sandy said...

Two years is a milestone-congratulations. Walking in the morning is a great way to start the day.

Radka said...

Lovely, lovely post, Linda :) Great photo!
Congratulations on your two years, I forgot it was mine last month, you have just reminded me. I remember when we started, holding each other hand, after CB forum.
Is it really two years? I think we have done well keeping our blogs going, don't you? Here is to next two years!

shirley said...

Happy Birthday Blog from me too. I think that I may have started my first one around the same time I know I had "met" you on SF.

The time of the full moon out west is wonderful I can remember when we were travelling being able to see everything around the caravan in the middle of the night excursions to the bathroom blocks.

I hope you had a happy Easter too. You say you have made many nice friends, well someone as lovely and caring attracts that sort of person.