Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Things are fairly normal for us here today, despite it being a designated public holiday.  That does not mean we do not recognize and applaud what today means for Australia, and Australians.  I will not make this a long post, but hope today will be pleasant for all who choose to attend commemorative ceremonies.  Without the sacrifices made in the fields of battle, our nation would not be what it is today.  Sadly, wars have been part of life for centuries, and it seems change will not happen any time soon.  For those who have paid the ultimate price, may we always remember them.  For those who are still engaged, let us all hope they will be returned to their families safely.



DIAN said...

Linda, it is a cold and blustery day here today but the commemorations are still taking place and well attended.

After the planes do their fly over at the shrine they come over our neighbourhood to return to base. It is a reminder of how terrifying that sound must have been at times.

Lest we forget - and may we learn a better way.

Thanks for commenting on my blog and also for the chat. You always lead me onto more exciting adventures.

Radka said...

It is good to remember, but have we learnt from it? Sadly, there seems to be a conflict somewhere in the world all the time.
I hope you had time to enjoy this special day.
I like the picture in your header :)

Gina E. said...

Hi Linda,
I found you whilst clicking on Dian's blog list - it is mind boggling how much time one can spend online just surfing through blogs! I'm enjoying yours, and have added it to my favorites list, as I love to see what other creative people are doing. You are too critical of your sketching abilities - I think your sketches are great. I do a bit of sketching and painting, but had yet to do much in the way of turning any of them into a needlecraft project.