Monday, March 26, 2012

Books, Babies & Birds

Thank you all so much for embracing 'the purple bag'.  I'm thinking it may be time to actually use it - everyone has been so supportive, so perhaps I'll be brave.............LOL..........   My sewing group met last week, with ten members present, and everyone had a pleasant and productive day.  Some ladies made a start on their premmie quilts, and some have already finished a number.  I hope this isn't boring everyone, but I managed to finish another little one, in crochet this time - 8 ply acrylic.  It's very soft to the touch, and should be a nice keepsake for someone.  I like this little pattern, starting in one corner, and working on the diagonal.  It gives a lovely relief design on completion.

My friend Neitta gave me a box of old books and patterns.  It was amazing to see so many that I have myself, or have had over the years.  I am very interested in this one, which has some detailed instructions on several different stitches.............well, the names of the stitches are 'different', but they seem to have been given new names now.  One that comes to mind is 'Alston Stitch', an elaboration on chain stitching, and another called 'Flake Stitch', which we know as thread painting/long and short.  I find it interesting that the terms have changed.  There are also some lovely crochet and tatting patterns in the latter part of the booklet.  I would be interested to know if anyone else has, or has seen this publication.

As it had started to rain prior to my leaving for home, hubby phoned to let me know I should return via a slightly different route [the Council has been working on part of our road].  For some reason I kept my eyes open just in case.   Brolgas turn up every so often, and I can't help but stop and watch them for a while.  I couldn't watch for too long, I was parked on the road, and it was starting to drizzle a little heavier.  I thought I'd share them again with readers.  I know, I can't help it, I love birds, and especially brolgas [in case you hadn't noticed].  They made a good day even better.


Sandy said...

I like the diagonal pattern too. When I run out of fun fur for chemo hats, maybe that will be next.

I collect old books too when I come across them but haven't seen this one.

Love birds and all animals.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous crochet! It is a wonderful thing to make premmie quilts etc to donate to hospitals. Love the book. I have never seen it before but love old books. Lance bought a gorgeous one home a few months back about coppersmithing or similar and the illustrations are wonderful to look at. Brolgas are so graceful and I love their dancing too but have only seen them on tv lol.

Karyn said...

Linda, I meant to tell you that I do love your purple bag; and of course you should use it; you will have plenty of compliments on it I promise. No bravery needed, it will be a hit wherever you take it. (I have learnt not to ask DH for his opinion!!!)
Your crochet blanket is so sweet, someone will be very happy to recieve it. There are some lovely acrylics out now; not yukky and awful but soft and snuggly and so nice. A blessing for those of us who simply cannot tolerate wool.

Radka said...

Your crochet is lovely and even, Linda :)
I can see why you stop and take picture, they really are beautiful birds.

DIAN said...

Gorgeous little quilt Linda. So sorry I am late commenting.

Those brolgas are always fascinating. Thanks for sharing the pics.