Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gifts for me

I have been trying to add a post to share the lovely gifts I've received in the last month or so.  It's another busy day here again, so will have to do this quickly, while there is a cool breeze coming into the office.  We are to have another scorcher today.....  The lovely things in the photograph above were Christmas presents given to me by my grand daughter, gifts she chose herself, and wrapped herself.  She put a lot of thought into the gifts she gave everyone.  She knows I like bling, and we often have a day painting which always ends up with something sporting glitter.  The large frog is a fridge magnet, the small one a bookmark, and the little lizard is sitting on the lid of a little jewellery box which looks surprisingly like a piece of timber.

This gift was sent by a friend in the US.  She made the lovely silk coathanger.  The notepad has some lovely bling on the magnetic closure, and if you look closely at the card, you will see the trim is a Cooktown Orchid which is our State Floral Emblem.  How nice of her to notice that, and find an appropriate card.

My next gift is from Anney in the UK - a small embroidered ATC, and pretty button greeting card.  The ATC was wrapped in tissue paper printed with dragonflies.  I love dragonflies!!  Thank you Anney, this is just beautiful.

This came in the mail one day, a complete surprise from Isabell in the UK.  She remembered I had spoken of the English Woman's Weekly, so arranged for the centenary issue to get to me.  It was accompanied by this lovely embroidered card, with a very blingey dragonfly.  

And, again from Isabell, I received an assortment of goodies for Christmas.  Another gorgeous hand embroidered card [Isabell's specialty], some silk and felt, one of her embroidered buttons, a cute little container made by her son, all beautifully wrapped in a festive fat quarter, and tied with the appropriate coloured ribbon.  Thank you so much Isabell, I always treasure the gifts I have received from you.  I hope I will do the fabrics justice in time.

Last of all I have the gifts I shouted myself, although I did let my husband know that they were 'his gifts to me'..........LOL......  I am looking forward to trying some of the techniques in Lynda Monk's newest book, and make some use of this little Versa Tool.  It is actually a soldering iron too.  So far, all it's been used for is burning holes in nylon webbing dog collars, and soldering some things for my husband [he's really chuffed that 'he bought' such a useful gift!!].

Thank you again for your enthusiastic comments on the baby wipe 'treasures'.  I will give it a few more days and post a winner mid-week perhaps. 


Karyn said...

all your presents look wonderful Linda; you are a very lucky lady, and very deserving of such treasures too. Enjoy them all.

Anney said...

Hello there Linda,I've been looking forward to your latest posting and have loved seeing all the lovely gifts...I know Isabell loves dragonflies also and i've seen some of Isabells' gorgeous work which includes dragonflies.
One of the few occasions I've visited Isabell she took me to a craft shop near where she lives and in the 'back room' were a group of ladies making dragonflies out of all sorts of media including beading and other 'blingy'stuff..there were some beauties there...thanks for showing us your lovely and some suprise, gifts..lovely things to treasure.xx

DIAN said...

Linda what a lovely bundle of goodies to play with and enjoy.

I have one of those versatools - I use it for those little crystals as well as the occasional bit of fabric burning.

The book looks interesting too.

Radka said...

You have done well, Linda:)Thank you for sharing your goodies with us. I had to smile when reading about the "useful gift":))

Anonymous said...

Some very beautiful and special gifts. I too love it when gifts are chosen with so much care and love. I gifted myself on Lance's behalf this year with the Home Sweet Home book from Inspirations. Have you managed to do the first week of TAST yet. I got to it yesterday and its having the lines rinsed off today. Thought I would do an ATC and another 5" square to make into a book perhaps. Oterwise I do not know what I will do with them.

shirley said...

Thank s for sharing your lovely gifts Linda, they are all so nice, and useful too.

Roseann said...

Loved your bling from your grandaughter. Had a quick tour off all you have been up to. As usual, lovely work. You are very accomplished and should be very proud of yourself. Such a wonderful talent you have. I envy you. Hugs, Rosie