Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Celebration

Happy Australia Day to all of us who live in this fine land.  Today we celebrate the landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove, 1788 - the beginning of British settlement.   From such humble beginnings, we are a proud nation today, a very multi-cultured one in fact.  I wish for peace, health and happiness for all my fellow Australians, and I am sure we as a nation, wish the same for all of the world's peoples.   Have a great day one and all.  


Jen said...

Yes Linda I agree, today, Australia Day is the day we reflect about being Australian.

Karyn said...

Yes, today is a great day to celebrate this wonderful country we live in. I am forever grateful to be lucky enough to live in the lucky country with blue skies and red dirt, beautiful beaches and bush land.
Tomorrow, however, will be the day to try to scrub six Australian flag tattoos off my son's face LOL!!!

Radka said...

Happy Australia Day, Linda !

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, A very Happy Belated Australia Day. Hugs Judy

Iceni UK said...

Happy Australia Day Linda,
xx Isabell

Juliettecherry said...

Yes, Australia is a wonderful country. I feel so lucky to be able to visit my family there and feel sure they have made the very best choice in making their home there. Hope you had an enjoyable day Linda.

DIAN said...

Beautiful post Linda. We are indeed the lucky country.

Anonymous said...

The poem for you,

After each night, day is dawning
After every storm the sun is dawning
For the good people smile
and have a warm heart!
If it can be
Remove the heart of every man
Open, watch and hide it again in the flesh
I asked God for a flower, I got a garden.
I asked for a tree, I got a forest,
I asked about the river, got the ocean,
I asked a friend, I got you ...
There are treasures of friends,
but a friend of treasure.
Then she knew you well
Who is the enemy, and who is a friend.!



Anneliese said...

Congratulations, Linda, and a happy Australia Day, love!

Anney said...

I would so love to live in Australia..Happy Day..xx