Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 has arrived!!!

Hello to 2012.................  I hope everyone is rested after the 'silly' season, and ready for a new and exciting year ahead.  I have nothing of consequence to share at the moment, but picked these few roses from my garden this morning.  Although it is a designated public holiday, normal work has resumed here.  I had a small internet problem, and have been absent for a few days, but trust things are back on track for me now. 

I received some nice gifts for Christmas [and my birthday], so will share them in a few days.  We are enjoying slightly cooler weather, much better than our friends in the south.  In fact, in the early hours of the morning, it is downright chilly.  We were up at 5.00am this morning, and I had to reach for a long sleeved shirt.  Of course, that can change in no time at all.

We don't usually do anything much for New Year's Eve here, but on Friday received an invitation to a get together in the neighbourhood.  The invitation was quite simple - we're having a gathering, come over if you can, and if you can make it, bring your drinks, your chairs, and some finger food to share.  We don't see people socially all that often, so decided to go.  As is always the case here, food to share seems to mean something for yourself and 15 others [well, not really...........LOL], but, there is always a mountain of beautiful food!!  We had a pleasant evening, and even stuck it out until midnight.  It was only a small party, as some people are still away.  The food was all very nice, taken around at varying times during the night.  I decided to make a large multi-layered dessert, so will share the dregs with you, just for fun.  Hubby loved it so much, he decided he'd have a piece for breakfast the next morning!!!!!!!  It is a biscuit/coconut base, simple cheesecake filling, an orange juice/passionfruit layer, topped with the beloved whipped cream.  I sort of made it up as I went along, and it really is very, very nice.   Sorry that it's not in pristine condition.............. 

Thanks to all my friends for your good wishes, emails and comments.  I hope we all have lots of time for stitching and experimentation throughout 2012. 


DIAN said...

Hi Linda, Happy New Year.

Lovely cake - I had to laugh about having it for breakfast though.

Wanda-Maria said...

Hi L i n d a ,

o o o
o o o o
o o o
o o o o
| New |

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!!

Let the light dance step
be with you all year,
Let them guide you without stress,
from success to success!
I wish health, love, happiness in all, as well as the fulfillment of all your dreams come true, for you and you family ;


Radka said...

Dear Linda, lovely post :) What beautiful roses!
Happy Birthday !!!
Your desert looks divine, I have to remember it for next summer :) It sounds like you celebrated New Year in style:) Good on you:)
I wish you lots of new, exiting projects this year!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, Oh, how I enjoyed looking at your lovely roses. They are truly beautiful. Happy Belated Birthday. I look forward to seeing your pressies. You are certainly a very creative baker. Your cake was very interesting but I think I would of like it because I love most fruits and coconut. VBG Hugs Judy

Frances Leate said...

Happy Birthday Linda - a fellow Capricornian! Just love those beautiful roses. Have a wonderful 2012.

Iceni UK said...

Belated Happy Birthday Linda. Love the roses and the yummy cake.
Sending love and good wishes to you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create in
2012. :)

Robin Mac said...

Happy New Year and belated birthday greetings. those are beautiful roses you have picked. We are having pleasant weather here too, huge contrast to this time last year! Talk soon. Cheers

Anney said...

Hi Linda,lovely to have you back..I was waiting to see what gems of interest you would post for us...I can smell the wish!!
Oh the dessert is right up my street...I can taste it..oh yes!!
When Lani and I make it to you one year you must make it for us..please...i'll start dieting now!!
Anney xx

Karyn said...

Oh I dont know about pristine condition; it looks great to me!!! And as for having it for breakfast the next day, I don't see anything wrong with that!LOL!!! (is a common occurance here if we have had visitors the night before)

Very belated birthday wishes Linda. I hope you have a great year. xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I hope it brings lots of stitching. Missing it at present (sad face) LOL. I love your desert and can totally understand why hubby had it for breakfast. After all it does have some healthy stuff like dairy and fruit juice LOL.

Soonymary said...

your roses are lovely Linda and the dessert looks yummy....I could eat it for breakfast too!

shirley said...

A bit late, but happy new year to you and your family too Linda. The dessert looks so yummy. I can imagine the perfume from those roses they are beautiful.