Friday, December 24, 2010

More Napery Finished

I'm sailing fairly close to the wind with my Christmas gift making, but it's all done now, except for the wrapping.   These are the second set of placemats and napkins I've made for the family.  I forget how long I've had this fabric, but I liked it and as usual, purchased a few metres.

Actually, these projects take quite a deal of fabric, so to make sure I had everything a good size, I used a toning but different fabric on the back of the placemats, and something different again for the bindings.  These all came from my stash, nothing purchased especially.  I even used a white stiff lawn inside the placemats, something I 'inherited' after my mother-in-law passed away.  I think I like the stripe better than the fruit/vege side!!!

And, just to prove I am totally batty, I have to show you that I found these matching tea towels in the cupboard.  I bought them somewhere because I liked them, and they go so well with this set.  The kitchen where these will 'live' is quite neutral, so the maroon will be fine.  I also found some bottle green checked tea towels as well, which will go with the chilli set.  I hope the family like what I've made.

All seems to be in order for our day out tomorrow.  We have spent a few anxious hours worrying over the river height, but we have been told by several people that the bridge should not go under water, so I suppose we'll just drive over it and not look back.  Hopefully, when we arrive there tomorrow afternoon, we'll be able to get back home.  

I know most people are busy doing their last minute preparations, and won't be around their computers, but I take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and thank you all sincerely for taking an interest in the things I am doing.  I appreciate each and every comment.  Take care all.


Anonymous said...

Lovely gift as usual. Merry Christmas to you Linda.


DIAN said...

Well done Linda, you did finish just in time.

Drive safely tomorrow and eat lots.

Merry Christmas

Julie said...

Enjoy tomorrow Linda & drive carefully.

Love the sets!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda,

I wish you a Merry Christmas I wish you a Merry Christmas I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. VBG

Your placemats and napkins are lovely.

WOW. I loved the story about your new coffee cafe. The lush greenery is soooooooooooooo very beautiful and the carrot cake looked sooooooooooooo very very yummie. I love seeing photos of the small country towns of Australia. They always make me smile. Thanks for taking all those pics. Much appreciated. Hugs judy

Frances Leate said...

Lovely gifts which I am sure will be appreciated. I hope you have a happy Christmas day.

Jensters said...

You Batty Linda lol......great work as usual Linda and finished in the neck of time x Sent you an email x

shirley said...

Hope you and your family are having a happy and safe Christmas, and that your New year brings you lots of love and happiness.

We are watching the weather here trust it will be kind to you.

Radka said...

Well done, Linda! It is so nice when you get everything finished in time. Your presents look lovely:)) I hope you got to your destination OK (and back again!!)Enjoy the rest of your holiday:)

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! My mother has some of this vegie print fabric in her stash because it is in one of the scrappy quilts she has made. You always do a wonderfuljob.

Anney said...

Oh Linda,you and I were onto the same thing making placemats...I meant to tell you before now...mine were for Lani's parents in USA and I finished them after xmas..never mind are on another website...if you want to have a look...I love yours by the way!! xx