Friday, December 10, 2010

Delicacy Salad Recipe

It's getting close to Christmas now for all.  I did say I would share a recipe, so will get this posted today.  I know for those of you who are feeling somewhat cold at the moment, this sort of fare is quite far down on your list of would-be 'delights'.   For us here in Australia, cold fare seems to be the in thing, and I've often found that this is well received.  

Thank you all again for commenting on my most recent needlecase, and also for becoming part of my life.  People have been so supportive, it has given me so much encouragement.  I do so appreciate all this kindness.  I will also take this opportunity to wish one and all a safe and happy Christmas, wherever in the world you may live.

I have this in an old cookbook I bought in the 70's, published by the Ladies' Show Auxilliary for one of our small country towns here, ie Tara.  It's simply called the Tara Tucker Book.  Okay, enough.

Delicacy Salad -

½ cup hot water
3 dessertspoons gelatine
½ cup cold water 
½ cup vinegar
1 dessertspoon lemon juice
4 tablespoons sugar
pinch of salt
a few drops of green food colouring
1 cup diced cucumber
1 cup well drained canned crushed pineapple

Soften gelatine in hot water;  add sugar, salt, cold water, vinegar and lemon juice.  Place on very low heat on stove, stir until sugar and gelatine is well dissolved.  Colour pale green [just a few drops!!].   Allow to cool slightly in the refrigerator and when the mixture is beginning to thicken a little, add the cucumber and crushed pineapple.  Place in your favourite mould container.  Refrigerate overnight.  To serve, unmould onto serving platter and decorate.  This can also be set in small individual dishes, as single serves.  

I have included this photograph to show a 'slice' ready for serving.  I find this is not for everyone.  I know my husband will not even try it, so I always warn people to take a small piece first as it may not be to their liking.   It has a slightly tangy flavour, and makes a welcome addition to a buffet table.  Enjoy.


DIAN said...

This looks lovely and refreshing for those hot, steamy days ahead.

Anonymous said...

It looks yummy and oh, so refreshing! The steamy days are here already for us, Dian.


Iceni UK said...

Thanks for the recipe Linda, I think I'm going enjoy making and eating this salad.

Jensters said...

Mmm cucumber and pineapple now that sounds very different....might have to keep this receipe for our summer x