Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Change of Pace

Hello again to everyone.  I decided I'd change the pace a little with this post.  I will have higher water to photograph, as it is STILL rising, but will leave those photos for a few days, and go back to some of the needlework I do.  The table centre in the above photo is one I did a few years ago.  The pattern was in an Anna magazine.  It is done in #20 crochet cotton, and about 30 inches in diameter.  We have a very glossy cream top on our dining table, with brown upholstery on the chairs, so I thought this might make a nice piece for the table [it is hardly ever used, and the table is used for 'stuff'].

Over the years, I've done lots of things in crochet, learning when I was only about nine years old.  I particularly love working around handkerchiefs.  This is another Anna pattern [and an Irish Linen handkerchief].   I use this handkerchief myself, hence it's slightly used appearance [does Blogger have an embarrassed face to use??].

This is another one I use a lot, so do apologize if it is not in pristine condition.  Again, an Anna pattern, with the monogram design from the little book by Christine Harris, Embroidered Initials.  For some reason, every edge pattern I've used from the Anna magazines has just fit perfectly into the handkerchief edge, with no 'fudging' to get the corners nice.  This is a tad smaller than the one above and a pure cotton.  

Hopefully these closeup shots will allow you to see the monogramming.  The embroidery is done with a single strand using my favourite DMC colours, 225/224 pink, and 523 green.  All of the edging has been done using #100 crochet cotton.  

Thank you again to everyone for sending good wishes to us because of the flooding.  Thankfully, we have nothing to worry about, we are on a high area of the property, and we have sufficient food supplies for a number of days, and most definitely enough needlework supplies...........LOL..  I put these pictures on to show people just how much water actually spreads out on this flat river country.  My husband tells me it is higher still this morning.  It appears to be going to break the 1942 record at the bridge in Condamine.  We won't see that, as several small backing up lagoons will be too high for us to cross.  The sun is out now and it's drying out in the paddocks.  When the water recedes there will be fences to be seen to, and the levy bank has broken, so lots of repairs.  I am sure there are others who will have much more damage than we have here.  For those people, all I can do is offer my sympathy and hope they recover quickly from this devestation.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Linda! I do love white linen handkerchiefs.


DIAN said...

Very pretty work Linda. I too use handkerchiefs: however I don't do the edging or embroidery. I have a large collection from the op shops. Some are so pretty and I wonder about the ladies who made them and if they were made for special occasions.

The table centre is lovely too.

fabriquefantastique said...

You are a fine needlewoman, glad that you are keeping up these traditional skills.

Juliettecherry said...

Very lovely work Linda. I also love to crochet, but being a left-hander, I have to do it my own way which affects my tension for very fine thread.

I also have Anna's going back to 1981, wouldn't part with them - always going to do some of the beautiful projects (one day).

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Good Day Linda, Thanks for sharing all your lovely crochet items. Your work is gorgeous as is the momogram roses on the pieces. Love them. My heart does go out to all who have suffered lost in this flooding. Hugs Judy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful crochet Linda. The flood waters are certainly more devistating by the day. I am glad to read that you are quite safe up on your sandhill. We seen something on those snippets of news that run along the bottom of the screen mentioning where you live. But as we didn't quite catch it all we didn't know what was happeneing. Our thoughts go out to all the people devistated by these floods and it will end up affecting us all one way or another.

Jensters said...

Hey Linda how delcate does your crochet edge looks....very pretty even if i can see dirty joking....super work x

Karyn said...

My favourite hanky is one that I have tatted around and has my initial shadow worked in the corner. It is nice to have some nice things to use.
I love your crochet and will aspire to something not anywhere near as nice as yours!!! Myabe i should come up and get some lessons!!
Stay safe up there, we are thinking of you down here.

elegant stitch said...

Very good share. Thank you. Where can I find the the first hankie (second photo of pages top) Shall I find the similar of it I mean