Monday, July 16, 2012

Trying to Relax

It seems so long since I've posted.  I managed to get the BAS bookwork done, and as I'm still feeling in a rather creative abyss, I decided to take advice from friends and go back to something I know [well something I partly know].  As you can see, I've been knitting!!  This lovely little table mat has made me feel very happy.  I have been trying to get back to lace knitting for some time, and also extending myself by using graphed instructions.  I've not done this to any great degree, so this is another effort.  The table mat measures twelve inches in diameter, and used just one 20g ball of #20 cotton.  The little 'prop' is a fancy pill holder.  It has a china painted tile in the lid.  It was a gift from myself...........LOL........[read - I saw it, I liked it, and I bought it].

This close up shows a little more of the design.   I found the pattern in one of the many ANNA magazines that I have. There are so many gorgeous lace projects in these magazines, I simply don't know which one to do next.  I will just add here that I started this on Thursday afternoon, and finished it early this morning, despite being away Friday AM, and busy with other things for much of the weekend. 

I did a little swap/barter with one of my patchwork group friends.  She had lots of ecru crochet cottons in varying thicknesses, and couldn't see herself using them.  As I prefer to work with this colour, I offered to relieve her of them.  She in turn decided she would make use of some of the knitting yarns I had in my 'hamper', as she knits a lot for charity stalls.  Perfect solution all round.  I took a quick photograph of the cotton, and hope the flash didn't make it too hard to see.  I have found a lovely Herbert Niebling table centre [quite large] in one of the ANNA magazines, and now that I have the cotton, and feel I've conquered my fear of knitting's hoping.


DIAN said...

Oh Linda that is beautiful. What a gorgeous design. I think you are wise to go back to the familiar with a dash of challenge. This time of year is busy with book keeping etc so it is good to have something you can relax with.

Thanks for the chat today. It is always good to share ideas as well as chat about our everyday lives. I just wish we lived closer to each other.

What a great collection of cotton and a great exchange. No excuses now.

Wanda Maria Roszak said...

Linda, so each of us has moments when she wants to relax because of the different life situations.
Beautiful relax, I see in you that is done a tablecloth Which is beautiful, and floss teeth which I bought to do, ah .... I have no words of delight.
And thank you give and show us your beautiful work of art.
greetings :)))

Frances Leate said...

Absolutely beautiful Linda and I too have some ANNA mags put aside. I love knitting but not from graphs.

Radka said...

Linda, I am jealous, it is beautiful! Now I wish I did not get rid of all my Anna magazine, although I did keep most of the courses in a file, I should look through it sometimes. It is something I always wanted to have go at, one of my relations used to knit beautiful large lace tablecloths .
Oh, who am I kidding, I don't have the time to do another projet :-))

Jenny said...

Just lovely Linda, so glad you found some time to be creative. I always used to cringe at knitted doilies ( I grew up with crocheted ones) but now I appreciate them for all the time they take, the expertise that's required, as well as their beauty.

Anneliese said...

Lovely, lovely, LInda, now tell me you can get the Anna journal? Is that so? Is that the same Anna Journal that I get here from Burda Verlag. Probably not.

Jen said...

Hello Linda, You are awesome your lace knitting is beautiful, Why did you stop that lovely craft.I knit but haven't knitted lace for years . Graph instructions a bit scary for me!! Good getting the bookwork out of your way. Why can't we just sew or knit all the time. haha
Nice home made soup.

Juliettecherry said...

Beautiful as always, what a good swop your new crochet threads are, neatly passes on some of your yarns as well. I also have many Anna's, they are too lovely to part with. Oh for enough time to make some of the lovely things in them. If only I could resist starting ever more new projects!

katherine macwin said...

Its beautiful Linda! I also haven't done very much at all with graph knitting lol. Might have to one day if they don't also have the pattern written out!

Karyn said...

i love the swap you did; it is a win-win really isn't it?
Your lace knitting is gorgeous and i can't believe you did it so quickly. I haven't used graphs to knit either but am told it is really easy so am planning on having a go in the near future. Maybe it will be like knitting cables, or socks; I will wonder why I avoided it for so long.