Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something to keep warm................

..............because it is going to be a little on the bleak and rainy side again in a day or so.  We have had lots of drizzle this winter, making for cold and dreary days.  I have always loved making soup, and often make quite a large saucepan full, enough to use for a few days.  I never use a recipe - just add meat bones of some sort, purchased stock and water, flavouring, and the all important grains/pulses/vegetables.  And, I've never made my soup into purée, never saw the sense in it to be honest.  We love thick and textured soup, and it's often a meal in a bowl for us, along with some crusty bread.  I can remember when I was a child my mother used to make dumplings in her soup, which added some thickness and even more fat and carbs - oh dear.  We much prefer dumplings in a steak and kidney stew, but because of the dreaded waistline, that has been off the menu for a number of years now.  

We managed to replenish our wood supply on the weekend, and I found these two interesting pieces, which I thought some readers might like to see.  They are nothing startling, but both have interesting colour and texture on them.

I will probably be a little scarce on Blogger for a week or so, as it's now time to do the quarterly BAS, and prepare the paperwork for the yearly visit to the accountant..........ho, hum.........

I was playing with Photoshop a few days ago, and would like to share this altered image.  As you may have guessed, I love most things to do with music, although I don't play or have any musical talents whatsoever.  I was hoping to print this image onto fabric, but I think it may be a tad too dull for my purpose.  I have used some grunge 'textures', a Photoshop 'brush', and some text.  Some of the texture was erased, giving the stamens more prominence.  



katherine macwin said...

Tax brings up a four letter word starting with s in our house. I did it on the 2nd and am waiting for the cheque lol. Don't envy you doing BAS and farm stuff. Apparently it is a nightmare. Love your soup! Three of us love soup in this household and the only one I ever puree is the roast pumpkin and garlic one. Its meant to be a meal not a drink lol.

margaret said...

It is only 7 am here but my mouth is watering at the idea of home made soup.Like you I make a large pan to keep me going a few days, usually no bones in it just veg, at Christmas time I even endulge and add some cream, naughty but nice.

Think all embroiderers love wood, I have quite a few pieces collected from the beach and dare |I admit brought quite a bit of bark home following my trip to Australia in 2001, have done a couple of bark paintings and made a cushion using paint shop pro, unfortunately no longer have PSP as it was too old to work with windows 7. Would not dare bring bark back these days, customs are much more vigilant than they used to be.

I am lucky, or am I? I do not pay any tax as I do not have any money!! just a basic pension which is more than enough to live off.

You are a lady of so many talents Linda, love your creativity with photoshop, wonder what you will come up with next.

DIAN said...

Linda, the soup looks so good and nourishing and tasty too.

As for the wood: you know how much i like these natural textures and colours. I love the fact that you post this kind of pic for us to enjoy.

Your photo shop work looks great too.

Good luck with the tax/bas - once the school holidays are over I will get on with ours too.

Radka said...

Your soup looks yummy.....With fresh bread, an ideal meal :-)
I look forward seeing what you are going to do with your lovely print, when you'll get time! Good luck with your accounts!

Jenny said...

I can smell that soup from here. Smells Deeeelicious!

Karyn said...

The soup looks great; yummy!!!
I love the photoshop picture,it is the perfect motto isn't it?

N. Maria said...

Oh, gotta love a thick soup that is a meal on its own. I LOVE crusty bread!
...and the photoshop picture is really beautiful with a great saying. Hugs and will miss you until you are through with the ho hum.....;o)

Wanda Maria Roszak said...

Hello Linda,
I see a healthy, nutritious soup for you, surely it is very tasty and interesting products that He put in it?
but feel that you are creating something beautiful again, and all the surprise some beautiful work, great.,
warmly greet you :)

shirley said...

Your blogs are always so interesting Linda I love reading them