Thursday, May 3, 2012

Serious Shopping

I know readers must think I have been shopping like there is no tomorrow lately, but this time, this purchase was all about the man of the house.  He has finally decided that one of these four wheel ATV's might help him, perhaps with the odd cattle mustering job.  We were away for a few days at the end of last week, so finally he managed to get what he'd been looking for, and at a good price.  He also had to have a better seat cover, the obligatory 'branded' oil and filters, and some of those portable ramp things to assist with loading it onto his vehicle!!  All in all, he had a good day - to say the least.  I am sure he will make good use of it, and works hard, so why not!!  I am happy for him.

By the end of the day, and after some other 'male' shopping I think he may have felt I was being left out.  We popped into one of the larger electrical retailers to have some photographs made, and had a little look around while that was happening.  I've been complaining [not bitterly] for a little while about my little HP printer jamming when I try to print onto thicker fabric, so we picked up a mid-range brand with a slightly different paper feed, so here's hoping when it comes to the crunch I won't be disappointed.  I have been so busy since we were back that I haven't even taken it out of the box yet!!  I have been told by other people that a printer which feeds in a slightly L direction is more likely to do the job, rather than the U journey that my paper takes in this little HP.  Fingers crossed................

And, last but not least, we bought me a lovely leather handbag, which was on sale of course.  As it is almost Mothers' Day, I suppose this is as close as I'll get to a gift.  I have just accepted the fact that he is never going to buy me flowers, chocolates, or gifts for such occasions.  Oh well, not to worry.  Life goes on.  Again, I haven't even 'packed' the handbag with the necessities, only given it a rub with leather dressing, and smelt it a few times.  I absolutely LOVE the smell of leather, and freshly mowed lucerne [something I associate with my childhood].

So that is a selection of the damage we did to the bank account. Hopefully we won't be going on any more shopping trips like this any time soon!!!

Thank you again to everyone for such lovely comments on my painted/embroidered landscape.  I always feel buoyed up by such encouragement. 


DIAN said...

wow, Linda, this is one lovely piece of kit for the the man about the property: I am sure he will make good use of it.

Do you think it balances the cost of sewing machines, threads, fabrics etc?

Your handbag is gorgeous too. I also love the smell of a leather bag.

I am pleased you had a successful shopping expedition.

Karyn said...

Hubby is going to love his new toy. I expect he might be finding things that need doing just so he can use it!

I am glad you managed to get some goodies for you as well. The printer looks great, as does your handbag. While I do quite like the smell of leather, my favourite smells are fresh cut grass and rain.
Enjoy your new toys!

Anneliese said...

I wrote you a long comment, then they threw me out .......oh, how annoying and the text got lost. I will continue at home - just tell you that it is just the vehicle I thought it must be

Anonymous said...

Men and their toys LOL. I also love the smell of leather and it is a stunning handbag too. I bought a Epson 230 not long back because the girls really needed wireless printing due to their school laptops. I have found it more economical with the print ink although it is much slower than our old HP but much clearer. Only cost $75 at BigW too LOL. Hope yours prints the things you want... Nearly Mothers day and the girls both buy a small gift no more than $20 thats my stipulation as it is from them not Lance. I have received some very beautiful and heartfelt pressies over the years.

Frances Leate said...

Glad your shopping excursion was so successful and what a lovely handbag. All printers have their own idiosyncrasies and I hope your new one produces the desired result. Our latest shopping spree has been lounge chairs which were long overdue. Take care.

Radka said...

When you say you went shopping, you mean SHOPPING!
Lovely handbag :)

Wanda-Maria Roszak said...

Linda, everything is very pretty, also the motor vehicle, once she rode on that, nice you can go
I greet :)))

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, I reckon the new ATV will be very useful on the station. Love your new purse. I reckon you will love your new printer. Enjoy. Hugs Judy

Ella said...

I like your new four wheeler it is in my favorite colour.Don't leave it just for you hubby they are fun to ride.You bought you self a nice hand bag.

margaret said...

Sounds like a good shopping day Linda.

Tractors do not do much for me but love the handbag and know what you mean about the smell of leather, have not come accross the leather dressing you mentioned.

Like you I have just purchased a new printer, previous one was a kodak, meant to be economical with ink, ink was cheaper but seemed to print very little so not as ecomomical after all.

I bougt an epsom 435, still sitting in the box as will have to get on to my go to assist link for help in installing it as it is sunday do not think they will be working and bank holiday tomorrow so will probably be tuesday before it is up and running.

Juliettecherry said...

That vehicle looks like good fun. Although it's designed for work it will be good for popping about the area. Aren't you dying to have a go yourself? Lovely handbag, looks useful with pockets quite like my favourite/use everywhere one.

Anney said...

Hi Linda,I was excited reading this post and not just because of the are a gal after my own heart!!
I like the look of the ATV...When I was in Moree the first visit back in the 80's I had a chance to actually drive a tractor or two as the husband on the cotton farm had one or two vintage tractors as well as the main workhorse as it were...I really enjoyed the experience...I think in a former life I may have been a farm gal!!!
Handbags...well...we had to laugh as Lani wants to buy me a new one for my b'day and i'm very particular about design and space,particularly as with the 'nanny' job I carry all sorts of extra things that I need space for.anyway,I love the look of your new handbag and can almost smell it!!All for now..xx