Friday, December 2, 2011

TAST2012 Challenge

I'm delighted to be joining a large number of ladies [several of them my very close blogging/SF friends] to work through the TAST2012 challenge next year.  The logo above was created/stitched by one of the SF members, Annet, who kindly allowed other participants to use it.

You can see more about the challenge, and find links to many blogs which perhaps may be of interest to you.  This is the link:  The challenge is run by Sharon Boggon, of and fame. 

I am not sure I will be able to work through each stitch, but I'll have a red hot go at it.  Over the last few years I have watched many ladies share their TAST work via various sites, and feel such a challenge will be of benefit to me at this time in my stitching life.

I hope I can share some of my efforts, and that readers will enjoy my progress, as well as take an interest in each and every other participant's work.   


Jenny said...

Linda, so glad that you are doing this. I thought about it & wondered if I could keep up. I watch your posts with interest.

DIAN said...

Hi Linda, I am doing that challenge too. It is always good to have something to motivate us although I doubt there are many stitches you don't already know.

N. Maria said...

I am happy you will share your stitching adventures with us! Your posts are so clear and interesting!

Jen said...

HI! Linda! I can't believe the beautiful beaded wedding dress. You are so clever.
I will be very interested when you start the TAST challenge.I might try a couple to see if it is not too hard. I already enjoy your stitching life.
It was great seeing some of your world during the harvest