Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ready for TAST2012???

I am not at all sure what is expected for the TAST2012 project.  I have seen a number of sampler books being made, and I like the idea of keeping said samplers in one place.   I have been planning a folder for my samples, but being the person I am, ie interested in various techniques and mediums, I was always going to incorporate hand and machine work, as well as mixed media.  The outer shell is complete, as shown in the above photograph.  Unfortunately, the glittery effect isn't being picked up by the camera.  It is a little more on the green side, and quite sparkly, due to the use of Angelina fibres.

My folder began it's life as a brown paper shopping bag, very much like the one in this photograph, just a slightly deeper shape.  In my Maggie Grey book, Raising the Surface, there is an interesting technique using brown paper.

After cutting the bag apart, I painted it with several different colours.  I also painted some Vliesofix using the same paints.  The painted paper was scrunched up several times, fused to a piece of calico, then fused to some pelmet vilene, and then black wool felt.  The painted Vliesofix was fused to the painted side of the paper, but it all look a little bit blah.  I decided to add some Angelina fibres in purple and gold, then place a black chiffon scarf over the whole surface.  That seemed to lift it, yet tone it down.  This photograph does show the green tones a little better.  The piece was now beginning to feel quite firm.  

After a few days looking at my rectangle of painted paper, I remembered I had some lovely fine green silk in the cupboard.  This piece was just made for my painted paper.  I would love to tell you I painted the paper to match the silk, but I didn't!!!  I just happened to have the silk!  I found some rayon and metallic threads that had possibilities.  I didn't really think I needed to add too much to the surface, so a few wandering lines did the job.  I ended up using only the two 'green' threads in the centre of the group.

I am hoping to make my stitch samplers into 'pages' which can be inserted into the folder via eyelet holes, with the aid of spring release rings.  The folder 'spine' was made using just the silk fabric, as I felt the painted paper surface a little stiff, and prone to cracking with constant wear.  I stitched a long strip of fabric along the centre of the 'spine', and then stitched across it to accommodate the rings.

I have to say that I am quite happy with this project.  The size is slightly larger than an A4 page.  It is sturdy, yet has a soft feel to it.  In time I may need to add a button/gold elastic closure, but will wait to see how it all folds when the pages are in place.  I have not made a 'logo/title' page, as I've yet to decide how I'll stitch my samples onto the appropriate size for this folder.   


Wanda Art. said...

W O W !!!, Linda'm under a great infatuation! , This book is so beautifully done with words of admiration I have no delight your beautiful art. work. You have great art. talent!
I know that you are very capable of art. and so for me you are!
This is forever art. perform such work, certainly, in fact, looks even more beautiful.
Linda, you have a truly versatile talent, and you must not forget about it, I greet you very warmly,:)))

Radka said...

I love the folder, Linda! Thank you for describing of the whole process,very interesting. You are very, very creative :)
I will follow your TAST2012 with a great interest!

Dianne said...

Wow this is really swish for your TAST samples, Linda. The technique sounds interesting and the colours of both the cover and the silk are gaaawwjus. Look forward to seeing your TAST creations and I will try and plod along with mine too. Don't have a real plan yet for the samples;-(

Anonymous said...

Wow can't believe your folder started life as a paper bag. I haven't even thought how I might put mine together but did think ATC's might be an idea as I owe a lovely lady one LOL. As I have never heard of TAST before I might just have to do some research. - Katherine

Robin Mac said...

Thid has turned out wonderfully well - won't it be a marvellous place to keep all your samples. I havejust caught up with your previous blog - what a sad day. I remember that building from when we used to drive through the town. Happy Christmas

Juliettecherry said...

Your folder looks fantastic. Love the colours. You will enjoy using it each time you have something completed to put inside it. TAST sounds as if it will be a great stitching adventure, heres to an enjoyable stitching new year and everything else you could wish for.


Anneliese said...

Linda, this looks fantastic - I love the color - show me something green ...and I love it. You made a piece of art and it will be fun to collect all your samples therein.

Anney said...

Fab folder Linda and I smile at your use of Angelina..Isabell introduced me to that medium..it does add sparkle doesn't it..was great to chat with you this evening..x

Anneliese said...

Linda, a question: What do you use for fusing the paper to the fabric and then on pelmet vilene and then on the wool felt? I can imagine
sticking it with Vliesofix which is sticking on both sides (which I have in my stock).

shirley said...

Just catching cup Linda, Wow all I can do is to agree with everything that has already been said. This is just beautiful, and the technique interesting, With your wonderful creative talents, I can see some wonderful examples of the Tast stitches coming up to complete this journal. Congratulations on a marvellous job.

N. Maria said...

Now THIS is a great tutorial!!! Love the technique and the colors.......and you can never go wrong by adding Angelina!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, A very very lovely folder. I love the shades of color and with the angelina fibers it truly sparkles. I love it. I am sure it will be filled with some very creative stitches and creations. I look forward to seeing them all. Hugs Judy

Iceni UK said...

At last the blogger is working again.
I have missed seeing all of your wonderful work. Your TAST journal looks fabulous.
Take care