Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun with Family & Friends

We don't see our family a lot, everyone seems to be always busy or going their own way, so visits and social get togethers are not very frequent.  Last weekend was the exception.  We were very happy indeed to attend our grand daughter's dance concert on Saturday night.  It was delightful.  She danced well, as part of the group, and seemed to enjoy the night.  I hope she will continue next year.  The few photos I did manage to take are not good, as I was sitting quite a distance back in the audience.  The dance tutor organizes costumes, so that part wasn't a drama for her mother.  

After a late night Saturday night, it was a 4.00am wake-up call for us to travel in the opposite direction in order to help with some yard building for #1 son.  Dad did the welding, while the sons worked on the calculations....................  Thankfully, the morning wasn't too hot, and we managed to get a few panels started.  It will take quite a while yet, lots of panels to go!!   Shortly after this was taken, we called it quits for the day, had some lunch and a chat, then headed back home for a well earned snooze in the afternoon.

On Monday I went to visit one of my close friends here, as she had organized for me and another friend to have lunch.  I had a birthday this week, and as has been our tradition for over 12 years, we 'did' lunch.  I hadn't been to her home for quite a while.  The day was lovely, and very relaxing.  It also gave me an opportunity to see Little Bill who is now not so little........LOL...  The three pups have certainly grown and changed a lot from their puppy stage.   Bill is on the left, Meg top right, Dude bottom right [and still the biggest].

Unfortunately, the dog saga does not end with the three pups.  A few weeks ago we were offered a pup which we took, as he is a grandson to one of our best dogs [now departed].  In the hope he will be a chip off the old block, he has been named Chip.  At the moment, I think he's just a splinter!!!  He bears an uncanny resemblance to the old dog, in looks and in nature.  Perhaps we can soon stop collecting dogs!!  Last count was TEN.  Two are quite old and can't work much anymore, and two really don't work 'to standard', so may have to be re-homed in due course.

It has been much cooler this week, following another two inches of rain.  After a very dry November, we are having quite a green December to date.  More is predicted for the weekend. 


DIAN said...

oops, Linda, I have had a nagging in the back of my mind that someone has a birthday at this time of year. Perhaps I should write things in my diary!
I do hope you had a good day.

Lovely dance pics: love the colour of the outfit.

The doggy pics are great too. It must be almost a full time job to take care of so many of them, to say nothing of the food & vet

Robin Mac said...

Happy belated birthday to you. 'Doing' lunch is always fun. Love the doggy photos - you do like to punish yourselves with so many to look after! Your daughter -or perhaps you - islucky the tutor takes care of the costumes, I was so glad I didn't have daughters when I saw my friends struggling with costumes! Cheers

Dianne said...

It is so lovely to see the young ones dancing, glad you were able to attend and enjoy. I had one that did dance right through into high school and I was often sewing up lycra and sequins in the wee hours of the mornings. All good fun tho. Happy belated birthday. Di.

Jen said...

Hello Linda! I did enjoy the crochet pieces very dainty and beutiful.
I just love the end of year school concerts seeing the grandchildren perform,pretty little grandaughter.
The fencing looks a big job,it will take a few more weeks by the look of it.Hope the heat stays away till its finished.
Happy Birthday to you.


Hi Linda,
This emotional and wonderful feeling of seeing how beautifully your granddaughter dancing is beautiful, and also standing, I wish her ​​ballerina career, I think that is innate talent for grandma.?
Sorry, better late than never, I offer belated birthday wishes, my computer's fault and not only!

Teresa said...

Hi Linda,
I loved the photos of your dancing grand-daughter. My grand daughter and grand son both dance and their concerts are this week. Unfortunately they are in Victoria andI I'm in Qld, so I don't get to see them in person, but I do get photos. I have some very funny ones of (then) 4 y.o. Jack.....they both love dance and it's great discipline for them. Their middle brother is a basketballer, definitely not a dancer !!!!i hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Frances Leate said...

I hope you had a very happy birthday and it was lovely to see your very pretty granddaughter. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from me too. Hope you had a wonderful day. Love the doogies but glad we only have one pup. Tess is 98% angel and 2% devil LOL. Great phptps of your grand daughter too. What a great outfit! - katherine

Radka said...

Late but better then never :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
I am glad that you had a nice day.
Your granddaughter looks so sweet in her pretty dress, lovely colour. Our little one was a donkey and a camel in a nativity play, I don't think she was very impressed with her roles, LOL! Love the pups, yes they do grow into something much bigger very quickly!

Anney said...

Your grandaughter certainly looks to have been really into the swing of things..
Just love the dog stories and the puppy..goodness,what a lot of dogs..
So glad my card and little embroidery arrived Mum loved sunflowers,I also grew some in our garden this year..needless to say,I was practicing french knots when I did the embroidery!!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda,

Happy Birthday Linda, I hope you had a very lovely day with your friends.

I would like to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Healthy New Year.

Your Grand daughter looked so very pretty in her Dance Recital Costume. Isn't it wonderful to be a granny and to see them dancing and growing up.

I hope you all do not get to much rain, like last year.
Hugs Judy

Juliettecherry said...

Aaah!! just love the dogs, especially the puppy. Very lovely grand-daughter too, she looks so graceful.

N. Maria said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful! Your pictures capture her perfectly!
How on earth could I NOT know it was your birthday?! If I'm your friend, I should just "know".....right? ;)
Happy Belated Birthday to a special lady.