Saturday, May 14, 2011

Planning Ahead

I have been absent from blogging this week for various reasons, some not so good, but thought I'd share a few of my book/project purchases with readers.  I didn't embark on a monthly project this year, but silently resolved to try some new stitching techniques, as well as some things that are totally out of my comfort zone.  The above photograph shows a DVD I purchased early in the year, and the combined silk/wool in order to try some wet, and nuno felting.  I purchased the DVD here  but to date haven't even put it in the player to get my head around the process.  The beautiful silk/wool combo came from Dale at  This colourway is called Kimberley Dreaming and has been dyed for The Thread Studio by Jacinta so I hope I can do this justice when I eventually make the time.

Another technique that has been on my to-do list is Filet Net Darning.  I had been sent some filet mesh by a friend quite some time ago, and then earlier this year, another lady I've met via stitching sent me this lovely book and some more filet net, plus the needle, plus a little gift made using the technique.  I'm still whimping out on this one, but hang in there girls, I'll get to it ASAP.  I need to purchase some rectangular stretcher frames before I embark on this one.

For years I've admired the needlelace technique called Reticello.  Through the help of a fellow blogger Jenny I managed to purchase this lovely book in the hope of learning some of the filling stitches required.  Jenny kindly gave me a website address -  and after a few emails, and despite a language barrier, the purchase was set in concrete.  This book is wonderful, easy to follow, and printed in three different languages!!  Again, watch this space.

And, last but not least, are two more book purchases I made earlier in the year, with two more techniques I fully intend to try.  Both fall into the counted thread category, which suits my frame of mind at the moment.  I'm a little fickle in that I tend to work between classic needlework and techniques that are a little more flamboyant.  Who knows where my head will be in 2012!!

At this very moment I'm knitting my first ever lace tablemat on four needles, plus continuing the hardanger.  The days are getting shorter, but thankfully, both of these projects are okay for me to do at night.  I would like to have the hardanger finished for late July, as that is my daughter-in-law's birthday.

I hope Blogger will publish this post for me, it wasn't being very helpful yesterday!!  I notice other people have had issues as well. 


DIAN said...

Linda, it looks as though you are settling in for a long cold winter.

The books and techniques look fabulous.

By the way, have been meaning to say, thanks for the gorgeous pincushion and threads.

yes blogger has been a problem lately.

shirley said...

Hi Linda, I have worked some pieces from the Casalguidi book you purchased. You will love it. I saw the samples in real life when I did a workshop with Effie Metrofanis in Townsville a few years ago. They were stunning. The instructions are easy to go by and with your talent I will expect to see some lovely work from you in the future.

embracingitall said...

Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy for this year. I like wet felting but prefer to do dry needle felting as I can sit in front of the fire on the sofa and create little things my kids love. I made them a winter gnome last night which I will give them at the beginning of winter (although after the last few days, one would think winter was well and truely here). Can't wait to see what you craft. Love your new blog header too.

Radka said...

You never stand still, do you Linda ;)
I look forward to your Reticello, something I have been looking at, ahhh, but just looking!

Frances Leate said...

You have some amazing challenges in store but it is good to have a choice of different things to work on so you can suit your current mood. I will look forward to seeing some of the results and I am sure they will be wonderful. Blogger has been strange and my last post kept disappearing and then finally reappeared. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Linda, you are amazing & seem to grab any form of needlework that is new to you with gusto. I am continually inspired by your talents. Can't wait to see your new projects when completed.
May all of your problems be small.
Much love from across the ocean.
Linda A

Anonymous said...

Blogger was down for a couple of days when I got back from Hobart and wanted to catch up with everyone. You have some wonderful things ready to start on. Cant wait to see them up and running so plenty of photos please LOL.

Juliettecherry said...

The colours for your felting are so rich and tempting. It's so nice to plan for projects you have always wanted to get to, as winter approaches it helps to think of more time to stitch (hopefully).

I wish you much enjoyment of these projects.

Jenny said...

What a great selection of goodies. Having both the Reticella & Filet book in my possesion, I highly recommend both. Effie is a great teacher too & if ever you get a chance to do a workshop with her, go for it. Looks like you have lots to keep you busy.

Dianne said...

Lots to keep you busy there Linda! Look forward to following your progress with these project. We know you will do fabulous stuff as usual:-) Di.

michelle said...

Looks like your in for a busy time Linda but a very creative one ! look forward to seeing your wonderful projects. !

Anney said...

Oh my,you have so much planned...wish I could join you and take some precious expert tuition from you!! x