Friday, May 27, 2011

Favourite Winter Colours

Now that the temperature has dropped, it's time to bring out a few pieces that I use at this time of the year.  The above knee rug is one I take with me in the car.  I'm not a fan of heaters in cars, they make me feel stuffy, so I need something over my legs for a while.  Goodness, even the Queen felt the need for a little leg warmth en route to 'the wedding'.

The design is called Hidden Wells by Mary Ellen Hopkins, a pattern I purchased from one of the patchwork stores.  These colours are some of my favourites for patchwork, so I really had no trouble using left overs from other projects.  I've quilted it using the simulated hand quilting stitch on my Bernina 170 machine, but I'm not sure if the quilting is visible on the photograph.  

I also love wearing this jacket, and thought I'd share it with people.  I'm not sure if the colour is showing correctly.  It is maroon rather than rusty red.  The jacket pattern, and different patchwork techniques/combinations are in a book I have - More Jacket Jazz by Judy Murrah.  Some of the combinations are really 'different'.

The back is quite different to the front, probably showing a lot more green, so I have quite a few options for colours in skirts and pants.  And, yes, plain skirts and pants are a must in my wardrobe.  I must say it took a lot of courage on my part to actually wear this, as I'm a little on the conservative side with my clothing.

I will also show a small section of the centre sleeve design.  This looks complicated and time consuming, but as it is done using the Seminole technique, it works up quite quickly.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my little baby set.  I do appreciate the enthusiastic feedback.  I've packed it away nicely again, waiting................


Karyn said...

I am bit conservative too with clothes. i think though, after you overcame your first nerves, you were glad you did. I bet you have had many compliments on it.

Jenny said...

I think it would take a bit for me to wear it too. Maybe to a craft show or one of my stitching groups. I bet it is warm though & the patchwork is fabulous.

wanda art. said...

Dear Linda,
sorry for the silence, beautiful picture, mom pretty nice kids, great children, and not only, I am with thoughts of you, as you will be ok with the computer, etc. .., the rest of the letter you write,
You nice and warm wishes, kisses, I wish you much health,

Dianne said...

What better time to snuggle up with your quilts? Certainly the weather for it! Your jacket looks very snuggly too. Lots of piecing in that one:-)

Radka said...

Oh dear, I am behind with blogging again!
I like your lap quilt, specially the fabric you used for the border.
Bright jacket to keep you warm, just the thing! And you know that you are not going to meet somebody in the same jacket, it's an original :)

Anney said...

What a lovely posting to read on my birthday..thank you and what a great piece of work!Lovely xx

shirley said...

Your quilt and your jacket are just wonderful. Love the bright colours Linda.

It must have taken a lot of concentration to get the piecing on the jacket just right.

Kerrie said...

Love your jacket Linda - bet you feel good wearing it - and yes time to get the quilts out - bit chilly here first thing each morning but days are lovely.