Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Knitting Lesson

Each time I post and share a project, I like to display the finished article, hopefully devoid of mistakes.  This time I'd like to share a project with you, and make a confession.  This is not working!!!  I have lots of knitted lace table mat projects in ANNA magazines, but the instructions are given as symbols on graphs, something I've yet to come to terms with.   The above project was taken from a website offering free patterns [it is not from ANNA, and the instructions are given in written form].  I have to tell you this pattern had mistakes - incorrect row counts - and was incomplete.  I thought I could continue and end up with something like the original in the photograph.  

I can knit, but sometimes I lack the expertise needed to understand how patterns are formed, and perhaps this is why my project has now been pulled off the needles and, as a table mat, well it makes a good knitting lesson!!

I now understand where and when I should have worked certain patterning stitches, but to actually 'unknit' this on the four needles right back to where I needed to was going to take me longer than it's taken to get this far.  Therefore, in the interests of good commonsense, I'm starting again, but possibly with a different design.  

I do like this design, but there others I have that I like more.  After I suck it in and get over this setback, I'll be at it again making amends and getting on with another project.

I actually purchased two books from Fishpond, both dedicated to fine lace knitting, with both written and graphed instructions.  I'll be damned if I'll be beaten on this.  When the books arrive, I'll make a choice, ie use their patterns, or try one from ANNA.

Wish me luck.

I thought it might interest some of my readers to know all does not go according to the blue print.  This type of work is something I've longed to do for a number of years, so I will start another project ASAP, and hopefully have something very nice to share in due course.


DIAN said...

Oh Linda, how disappointing. The design looks really pretty and its a shame when instructions are incorrect - especially when a lot of time is invested in a project.

I am sure you will overcome this hiccup and produce something you are happy with.

Radka said...

Oh, I can't imagine you ever being beaten, Linda :) Good on you wanting to have another go!
I think Anna's patterns are quite often difficult to read, you might find one in your new books. Good luck!

Jenny said...

How devastating. As the mistake is so glaringly obvious, I'd be redoing it too. I'd be undoing it back past the mistake, picking up the stitches in smaller needles & redoing it. I am sure with some quiet time, you can figure out on the pattern where the mistake is & correct it. I'm always wary of "free" stuff, from my experience the product is usually poor.Good luck with it all.

Juliettecherry said...

A load of good luck is wished from me. I too am battling a lace knitted project, instructions in words and only a strip on two needles, so not nearly as taxing as yours.

Can't ever see the pattern until at least one repeat is complete.

Karyn said...

What a shame after all that work Linda. It is a pretty pattern. Dont you hate it when patterns are wrong?
good luck with the next project.

Anonymous said...

I've also found errors in printed instructions in magazine knitting pattern books. Such a shame but at least you have worked out where it went wrong and perhaps one day you might give it another go. Although I don't think I have ever knitted from a chart as I always prefer to write out any pattern repeats on cards that I can flip over as each row is completed. I found that when doing complicated patterns I would somehow read the wrong row and end up in a real muddle if it wasn't written out with heaps of white space in between LOL

shirley said...

Linda do you know the following blog. http://knityoga.blogspot.com/

Hazel knits beautiful lacey things and perhaps she could help you with this pattern.

Also Maria at http://knackfulknitter.blogspot.com/
knits beautiful lacey patterns as well. These are both lovely ladies who would be very helpful to you.

Anney said...

How frustrating for you Linda,however,whether it was working or not..it's very pretty and clever...xx

FlowerLady said...

That pattern is really lovely. Sorry the instructions were poorly. I've not tried knitting lace. I've not knitted anything in the round at all.

I'm sure you've jumped back in and knitted another lovely piece. I came here via SF and then clicked on this link from another page.

Happy needleworking ~ FlowerLady