Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stitching in 2011

A number of readers have asked if I had a personal challenge planned for this year, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a peak at something in which I have become involved..  I have taken on some model stitching for a lovely lady.   I've included a photograph of her book for your information.  I am going to be stitching some of her past designs and a few new ones.

Jennifer Forest has a passion for history, and historical needlework/textiles.  The above book shares details of womens' interests in the time of the Jane Austen novels, and I personally find it extremely interesting.  Please take time to visit her blog: 

I have completed one article for her to date, and will be doing a few more from time to time throughout the year.  Of course, this is not the only stitching I'm hoping to do, so will hopefully have much of my own work to share.   

Thank you again everyone for offering support for those in need.  The time will come when we can be of some assistance.  All we can do is wait until some normality returns to our beautiful State, and indeed those to our south.  We have had three days of sunshine here, so that's certainly a start.



Jensters said...

I live about 15 miles away from Jane Austen's house!! sounds interesting what your are doing Linda....will check out Jennifer's blog..I hope your part of the world and its weather will be on the mend soon....hows the post now xx

Radka said...

Ah, I know this book, it has been on my Amazon list for some time! Or I should say I know the cover, I have not seen inside, only what Amazon shows. I did read about it some time ago, so I put it on my (very long) list. I hope you will enjoy stitching this, I know your stitching will be perfect:))

embracingitall said...

I do believe I have flicked through this book in a bookshop. I love Jane Austin. Sounds like very interesting work Linda. Hopefully we can see what you have completed. We have sunshine here today too. How nice is that sunshine! Jacinta

DIAN said...

Linda, this looks very interesting. Another thing for me to check out when I have aminute.

I am sure Jennifer will be more than pleased with your stitching.

Frances Leate said...

I bought this book about 18 months ago and absolutely love it as I do everything Jane Austen. There are some items I have marked as future projects - the Huswife, Thread Case and Pin Cushion. I hope we get to see the samples you make. Happy Stitching!

Juliettecherry said...

What a lovely project for the new year. I feel sure you will enjoy it and we would love to see what you stitch, if you are able to show us.