Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little bit of smocking

I've finally photographed a garment I made a few years ago, and thought I'd share it here.  I smocked this frock as an entry for our local show, but I do not have anyone special to wear it.   I would love to see it being worn, and if anyone would like this frock for a friend or family member, please, by all means get in touch with me privately and I am only too happy to see it go to a good home.   It has been made to fit a child of about three years of age.  The length from back neck to hem is 68cm with a 9cm hem.  The measurement around the sleeve cuff is approximately 17cm.

I hope the close up shows a little more of the smocked/piped detail.  The fabric is a 100 per cent cotton, in a soft floral.  These photographs are not good.  I shall explain later in the post.   The blue is more like a deep wedgewood, rather than almost navy as this seems to look on my monitor.

The frock buttons down the back bodice and has a generous tie.  I love these garments on small children, and usually don't make them any larger than this size, maybe to age four at the very outside.  Over the years I've made lots on commission for people, as well as a few christening gowns.  Unfortunatley, I don't have any photographs worthy of inclusion on my blog.

And now to the photo dilemma.....................  RIP:  Canon Ixus 60

Yesterday I discovered that my little camera has something 'terminal'.  I've made several phone calls, but only to be told it's just not the done thing to 'fix' cameras.  Throw away society!!!  I took the above photos on my phone, but they aren't as good as I'd like.  I'm hoping to borrow a camera similar to mine which hopefully will take a few shots of things I can store on the computer for the time being.  We just can't get away anywhere at the moment to see to buying a new camera.  Please bear with me as I struggle to bring you something of interest, with a decent photo!!!

And again, I have to thank each and every one who kindly comments.  Thank you for giving me a vote of confidence with my hardanger project.  It is coming along, but a little slower this week, as I'm back to using sprinklers on my lawn.  We probably won't see a drop of rain now and January is again the month we dread [February isn't much better].  Yesterday the mercury reached 38°C which I believe is to continue today and tomorrow before easing slightly on Friday.


Kerrie said...

Just beautiful Linda - I just love to see little girls dressed in dresses like this! You should have put your price on it - lots of work in this - happy Australia day - hope you have a good one and you manage to get a new camera soon.

Radka said...

Oh Linda, the little dress is so, so beautiful and so well made! I am just sorry that my granddaughter would be a little to big for it!
Smocking is the one thing I have never done and every time I see a beautiful item like this, I wish I have. I have never come across anyone here doing smocking; I think we had this conversation before:)
It seems crazy you using sprinklers now!!!What a mad world!

Karyn said...

I think the dress is lovely but alas; only boys in my house. And the girls I usually smock for are bigger than size 3.
Good luck finding it a good home

DIAN said...

Linda, this is so pretty. No tiny girls in our family though.

Pity about the camera - mine is also showing signs of fatigue. We do use our cameras often - more often than I think the manufacturers imagine.

Don't forget that if the thing you want to "picture" is flat you can use a scanner to copy. Just a thought. Cheeers, x

Anonymous said...

Linda your smocked dress is adorable. Such a pretty smocking pattern. What a beautiful job you did on it. Little girls look precious dressed in pretties like this.

Happy to hear that you are fine and still finding a bit of time to do some stitching.

Wishing you all the best.

Linda A

shirley said...

Linda, your little smocked dress is beautiful. I can see the lovely Lily (Dianne Cahills grandaughter) in it. Is there anything that you cannot do? I doesn't appear so, and you do is with such skill.

Anonymous said...

Love the smocking on that dress. You are one talented lady. Sorry to read about your camera. I don't know why everything has to be throw away these days.