Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Crochet Pattern

A number of years ago I was given this old magazine.  I believe the Home Journal was a very popular magazine in years gone by.  I actually remember my mother having them, and using the paper tissue patterns included for sewing.  Sadly, I don't have any others.  I've lost the cover for this one, but after doing a little research, I know it's from 1955 [there was a movie review, so I googled the movie to find out when it was made - The Man from Laramie, starring James Stewart].  The reason I've kept this particualr magazine is for the beautiful crochet pattern in it.

I have made the large mat, using thread given to me by a family I met years ago.  The husband's mother used to crochet, and he gave me all her threads and hooks.  This was made from some of her thread.  It's in #60 thread.  I love the pattern, it's so intricate, compared with many of the newer designs we get these days.  This mat is approximately 14ins in diameter.  I really should make it again, with the little mats to match, in ecru, which is really my preferred colour choice these days.  I have another few pieces of crochet that I shall share in the coming weeks, one in particular from another old publication.  I just need to track down the booklet so I can photograph it to include in the post.  Some of these old books and leaflets are my pride and joy.  I've carted them with me on all of our various moves from job to job.  I suppose they mean a lot to me because they belonged to my old [now deceased] maiden aunt.

On behalf of the people in my district, I say thank you to all who have voiced concern for the situation here.  I believe the people will be allowed to return to their homes tomorrow, Thursday, and one of the large Coal Seam Gas companies will be supplying men and equipment to help with the clean up and recovery.  We have been led to believe that we should stay away, unless asked specifically by friends for help.  There is a definite risk of disease/infection due to the state of the place.  Thank you everyone for any offers of help.  I am as much at a loss to help as any of you at this stage.  Surely we will find some way we can be of some assistance, even if it's only to take some washing to do, or provide food for workers.  

I notice this is post #91 for me, and as I count towards 100, I am excited.  I will have a give-away when that post is reached, so watch this space.

At the moment I'm back to working on my hardanger, which I will share with you soon.  Cheers to all, and happy stitching. 


DIAN said...

Linda, that is so pretty. I have never mastered crochet but I do admire it - especially when done in fine yarns.

Goodness I cannot imagine the mess that will need cleaning. Best left to the professionals at this stage. I know that the community will rally around when needed.

Jensters said...

Linda like you i love yr prefered colour too, my fav is fine crochet like Dianne, ots do lovely to still have things from our ancestors! Linda im gonna send you an email later as I'm cornced about my other friend who lives in ALms! That's if u get this message as sitting in a caffeine having a Latte doing it on my phone, so he goes lol xx

Jensters said...

Well apart from my typo's it worked lol here they r, its so, QLnd and here, hopefully u can work it out lol x

Juliettecherry said...

A beautiful mat. I have recently been given by a friend a lovely lace knitting book "Knit One Make One" by Furze Hewitt (it's Australian)

Although I have found 2mm knitting needles easily enough, I am still trying to find a source for finer needles. Plenty of thread here, might be able to use some of my lace thread.

The patterns are so tempting, I am looking forward to trying them out.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda,

Wow, love your crochet work. Truly lovely. I hope one day my crochet skills will improve. vbg What a treasure you have in the old pattern books. big Hug Judy I

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda.

Your crochet is beautiful. I can crochet but seem to have a problem with using crochet cotton & tiny hooks. May just have to give it another try one day with tension a bit looser.

I have a couple of old patterns of my mothers for knitted & crocheted baby sweaters, booties & bonnets. She used them to make tiny items for her babes (1944 - 1949). Well used pattern books but priceless to me.

Lots of love coming your way & thoughts & prayers for your community.

Linda A

Jensters said...

Email sent Linda x

llk said...

Happy New Year Linda! Interesting blog!!! And thank you for always commenting on my efforts!!!! These last months my efforts seem to have been few and far between. And then I decided to 'mess around' with my blog and opps!!! I lost it. So I had to begin all over. New you will fine me at!!! Love hearing from you and seeing your work. Keep in touch!!! Linda

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous crochet. I have quite a few old pattern books as well as the Hewitt books. I can crochet but have never tried to do work like this. When I finish my UFO's I might just have to give it a go.
I have many old sewing and knitting bits and pieces from family that have passed on and also from a non crafting friend's mother that passed too. It is lovely to know the history of something and even if I sometimes finish things off I know who did the bulk of the handwork.

Radka said...

Lovely mat,Linda::) Very fine crochet and I do like the colour too. I used to do quite a bit myself years ago, but never that fine, you did well. It went our of fashion then, but it all comes around again... I am pleased that things are getting better in Aus, but it will take a long time to get back to normal, if ever for some people.
I am behind with my commenting and emails, but I will write soon:))

Anney said...

Dear Linda,thank you for keeping us all informed of the sad dilemma the flooding has caused..we've been thinking of brother e-mailed to say the Brisbane river is causing concern,where he works is under threat and his wifes hospital is in an area where some people have been cut off,so she's had to work 24 hours straight as staff have been unable to get to work!!He lives in Bald Hills and is near the top of a hill so the nearby tributary of the big Brisbane River is no threat to their home..but school is under threat,but kids aren't back at school yet...what a worry eh?
All for now, Love Anney and Lani xxxxx